It's better to have more of this' meat 'on the body, which is related to immunity

As people age, they are prone to problems such as weak grip, slow gait, and difficulty standing up.Many people believe that this is a normal manifestation of aging, but little do they know that it may be due to muscle decay!Muscles are the 'piggy bank' for healthMuscles are a crucial presence in the human body

As people age, they are prone to problems such as weak grip, slow gait, and difficulty standing up.

Many people believe that this is a normal manifestation of aging, but little do they know that it may be due to muscle decay!

Muscles are the 'piggy bank' for health

Muscles are a crucial presence in the human body. Whether it's simple blinking, smiling, basic walking, jumping, or difficult climbing movements, they all require muscle support.

In addition, muscles are closely related to the body's immune system.

Research has found that:

When muscle tissue decreases by one0%, immune function will significantly decrease and infection is more likely to occur;

When reduced by two0%, there may be a significant sense of weakness, a decrease in daily living ability, a greater likelihood of falling, and difficulty in healing wounds;

When reduced by 30%, the human body becomes weak, unable to sit alone, and the wound cannot heal.

A study by the German Cancer Research Center also showed that immunity is closely related to the body's muscle mass. If the muscle mass is sufficient, the ability to resist viral infections will be better.

Having strong muscles can help the immune system respond quickly to infections and diseases, and people with more muscles produce better immune responses, thereby reducing the likelihood of illness.

So, to cultivate muscles is to maintain health.

These two factors accelerate muscle loss

Under normal circumstances, the muscles of the human body are plump, tight, strong, and elastic. If you feel that the muscles of the body are very soft, it means that there is too much fat in the body and too little muscle.

Research has shown that a person's muscle mass typically peaks at the age of 30 and decreases by one-two% annually thereafter.

After the age of 60, the rate of muscle loss in the human body will be faster. Without intervention, by the age of 70, most people will lose 30% to 40% of their muscles.

Although in terms of weight, many people begin to "gain weight" after middle age, the weight gain often comes from fat, not muscle, and there may even be muscle loss and increased fat.

Middle aged and elderly people with sarcopenia may experience weakened muscle strength and impaired mobility, leading to an increased risk of falls, including difficulty in standing, slow walking, susceptibility to falls and fractures.

In addition to the influence of age, lack of exercise can also lead to muscle loss.

It should be noted that muscles have the characteristic of "using in and discarding out", and without stimulation, they will not grow.

Long periods of inactivity and prolonged sitting and lying can lead to muscle loss, atrophy, and functional degradation, which are also the main reasons for muscle deficiency in young people.

Maintain muscle health

Maintain muscle health


Adequate nutrition intake

This is not for us to eat casually, but for us to consume high-quality protein reasonably.

Some people choose to go on a diet in order to lose weight, resulting in a significant reduction in their intake of high-quality protein, which can easily lead to a decrease in muscle mass.

It should be noted that only by maintaining a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins can muscle formation be promoted.


As for the specific allocation, it is best to consume two0-two5 grams of high-quality protein per meal, which is the best way to reduce the risk of sarcopenia.


Note: Foods rich in high-quality protein include meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, and beans.


Exercise volume cannot be reduced

Young people should take advantage of the good times of youth to develop the habit of physical exercise and prepare for muscle "inventory" in advance.

Elderly people should also exercise more to avoid muscle loss and delay aging.


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