Zhejiang: Digitalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Makes Medical Treatment More Convenient for the People

Take a tongue picture online, click on the questionnaire, and you will have a detailed physical report and personalized health plan. After trying acupoint massage and dietary maintenance suggestions for two days, I feel much more comfortable

Take a tongue picture online, click on the questionnaire, and you will have a detailed physical report and personalized health plan. After trying acupoint massage and dietary maintenance suggestions for two days, I feel much more comfortable. "Ms. Wan, a Hangzhou citizen, praised the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment Online Service System on her mobile phone recently.

As a leading area for the comprehensive reform of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City has implemented the "One Thing of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription" reform, starting from solving the problem of "convenient viewing of traditional Chinese medicine, optimistic attitude towards traditional Chinese medicine, good use of traditional Chinese medicine, and good health care" for the general public. It has created a digital three-dimensional service system for traditional Chinese medicine, which includes a "pre diagnosis, during diagnosis, and post diagnosis free municipal platform for traditional Chinese medicine, smart traditional Chinese medicine hospital services, and community and social traditional Chinese medicine convenient services", Fully integrate digitalization into traditional Chinese medicine services for the benefit of the people.

At the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, patients take out their phones and prepare to pay after seeing a doctor. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiao

At Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, it has become a common practice for patients to "walk around the hospital with a mobile phone". Wang Yi, the vice president of the hospital, said that before diagnosis, patients can register through the hospital's official account, government service platform and other multi-channel channels, and can also make online video, image and text inquiries in advance to select the right department; During the medical treatment period, the hospital service number intelligently plans the navigation path within the hospital, and after checking and verifying the results, it can be pushed to the patient's mobile phone in real-time; After the visit is completed, the patient can receive the fee details for this visit, and wait at home with peace of mind for the delivery of the decocted traditional Chinese medicine to their doorstep. They can also clearly "see" the entire process of decocting the medicine on their mobile phone.

For people who do not want to seek medical treatment in large hospitals, the community health service center and traditional Chinese medicine service station at their doorstep can also solve many problems. Digital empowerment has enhanced the community doctor's ability to provide traditional Chinese medicine services, providing more efficient and convenient traditional Chinese medicine services for "one old and one young".

In the evening, at the Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum in Hongshiban Community, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, some elementary school students, accompanied by their parents, received traditional Chinese medicine treatment for myopia prevention and control after school.

Multiple intelligent examination devices in the Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum of Hongshiban Community in Gongshu District, Hangzhou City. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiao

Since 2022, Gongshu District of Hangzhou City has launched a national pilot project to use ear acupoint pressure pill technology to prevent and control myopia in children and adolescents. Community medical staff Zhang Yuemin has developed a prescription for traditional Chinese medicine vision maintenance interventions, including traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, moxibustion, acupoint massage, ear acupoint pressure beans, for each student seeking medical treatment.

Urban community residents can enjoy traditional Chinese medicine digital intelligence services, and rural residents can also easily access them. In the Henglu Village Health Room of Tianhuangping Town Health Center in Anji County, Huzhou City, there are cloud diagnosis desks and cloud medicine cabinets.

Patients can have remote consultations through the 'cloud consultation room', "said Cai Guoting, the director of the Tianhuangping Town Health Center in Anji County. On the other end of the cloud consultation room, doctors from the Emergency Department of Anji County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital can communicate through the camera of the cloud consultation desk.

It's very convenient to see a doctor. The doctor issues a prescription online, and after we pay, we will automatically print a QR code. With the QR code, we can scan the cloud medicine cabinet and the medicine will automatically drop out, "said villager Pan Huazhong.

Wang Renyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission and Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that Zhejiang has comprehensively carried out the reform of "one thing for traditional Chinese medicine prescription", deepened the two-way coordination of "management, service" and the linkage of "residents, doctors, and governance", established a new service model of provincial, city, and county medical institutions cooperation, sharing of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, and data interconnection, and promoted the systematic reshaping of clinical, scientific research, service, and supervision in traditional Chinese medicine medical institutions, Continuously improving the people's sense of access to and use of traditional Chinese medicine. (Reporter Huang Xiao)

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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