The "Bianque Medical Book" that has been lost for over 2000 years has been found! The prescription is still usable

Over 200 words of 'Bianque Meets Duke Huan of Cai'Let us see the brilliance of Bianque's medical skillsAs the founder of Chinese medicineBianque pioneered the medical system of observing, hearing

Over 200 words of 'Bianque Meets Duke Huan of Cai'

Let us see the brilliance of Bianque's medical skills

As the founder of Chinese medicine

Bianque pioneered the medical system of observing, hearing, inquiring, and cutting to distinguish and treat diseases

Today is Chinese Physicians' Day

Let's take a look at the classics that record his medical achievements together

Tian Hui Yi Jian

930 bamboo slips, over 20000 words, compiled 8 medical books

In 2012, Laoguanshan Han Tomb in Tianhui Town, Chengdu, Sichuan

Over 900 bamboo slips containing medical content unearthed

Due to soaking in water for over 2000 years

The phenomenon of being incomplete and scattered is very serious

After more than ten years of repair, restoration, and research

Currently, 930 medical slips and over 20000 words of content have been sorted out

Tian Hui Yi Jian

These medical briefs are organized into

Maishu Shangjing and Maishu Xiajing

The Spirit of Contrasting the Five Colored Veins in Zang Verification

The Sting Count and the Qi Tang Method for Treating Sixty Diseases

Eight medical books including "Meridian" and "Horse Therapy Book"

The content involves meridians and viscera

Medical knowledge fields such as acupuncture and moxibustion and decoction

It is the first time to systematically discuss the principles of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis

Pioneered the precedent of observing, hearing, inquiring, and treating diseases based on differentiation and treatment

It is the largest page of the same historical period

Works on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practice

Diagnostic techniques and conclusions

And corresponding treatment methods and prescriptions

It will still be widely circulated in future generations

The famous "Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases"

We have to count it as its' younger generation '

Tian Hui Yi Jian

The word 'my past' in the medical journal is Bianque, which is a medical book that has been lost for over 2000 years

In the process of organizing and repairing medical slips

The words' I used to say 'have appeared multiple times

After consulting early Western Han literature

Experts have discovered that 'my past' is a flat magpie

And as mentioned in the medical brief, "five color pulse diagnosis"

It was also created by Bianque

It is the recognized theoretical cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis in later generations

The characters on the medical slips include seal script, ancient script, and official script

Therefore, it is estimated that the age of the medical slips is around the end of the Qin Dynasty and the beginning of the Han Dynasty

Inference based on the distinctive Qi dialect in the medical slips

The Tianhui Medical Brief is indeed a medical document passed down by Bianque and Canggong

(Cang Gong was a divine physician during the Western Han Dynasty)

Bianque is the first physician in China to be recorded and passed down in official history

However, due to the loss of medical books

His medical skills have been untested for a long time

The Unearthing of Tianhui Medical Bamboo Slips

Let the medical classics of Bianque be rediscovered

The prescription can still be used today, and more than 2000 years ago, traditional Chinese medicine had a relatively complete clinical diagnosis system

Are medical books from over 2000 years ago still useful today?

The answer is yes

For example, the first sentence of the "Shangmai" in the Classic reads:

I used to say

People have nine orifices, five internal organs, and twelve sections all facing Qi

Established the theoretical foundation of pulse diagnosis in later generations

For example, in the book "Treating Sixty Diseases and Qi Tang Method"

More than one hundred medical prescriptions mentioned

Indicating that the Han Dynasty had already used "traditional Chinese medicine compound formulas"

Most of them are compatible with drugs

Still used by modern physicians

The prescription for treating hernia in the "Treatment of Sixty Diseases and Qi Tang Method"

Zhongjing Guizhi Tang in "Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases"

Only the difference between grain and licorice

Based on this, we can glimpse the source of Zhongjing Guizhi Tang

Experts also found that

The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon is not a "scripture" but a book of interpreting scriptures

Equivalent to a teacher teaching a student's lecture notes

And this' scripture 'may be the Tianhui Medical Jian

In addition, it was unearthed together with the Tianhui Medical Jian

It is currently discovered in our country

The earliest and most fully preserved

Medical Model of Meridian and Acupoint Human Body

Compared to medical books on meridians unearthed from tombs

To study the theory of acupuncture and moxibustion and moxibustion on the meridians of Chinese medicine

Origin and Development


The Tianhui Medical Jian has been discovered so far in China

The most abundant content and complete system

The most theoretically and clinically valuable

Ancient Medical Literature

Prove Chinese medicine over 2000 years ago

There is already a relatively complete theoretical and clinical system

Due to the large number of bamboo slips

The repair work takes a long time

Currently, there are only 116 bamboo slips

Completed protection and repair work

32 pieces on display at Chengdu Museum

Hurry up and see how it's been lost for over 2000 years

Let's revisit the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine

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