Going to the hospital to visit patients, no matter how close they are, they cannot bring these three things with them - natural hair masks for hair fall

Question: How can I receive such articles every day?natural hair care for oily scalpAnswer: Just click on "Follow" in the upper right corner.natural hair care for dry hairThe lack of literacy is not imagined, let alone exaggerated

Question: How can I receive such articles every day?

natural hair care for oily scalp

Answer: Just click on "Follow" in the upper right corner.

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The lack of literacy is not imagined, let alone exaggerated. Real literacy is tested in specific aspects, such as visiting patients in the hospital. The measure of literacy is not bringing corresponding things.

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Before visiting a patient, it is important to understand whether they need to avoid eating. If they need to avoid eating, it is important to understand the specific foods they need to avoid. If they blindly bring gifts to visit the patient, it is highly likely to cause misunderstandings.

Netizen's message: I go to the hospital to visit patients and would rather not bring anything than anything casually, in order to avoid bad intentions. Originally, I hoped that patients would recover their health as soon as possible by supplementing nutrition, but patients may misunderstand my intentions, so I will try my best not to please them.

Comment: Visiting patients is not a simple matter. It is necessary to have a sense of seeking benefits and avoiding harm in advance to ensure that everything is safe, especially if you have a holiday with the patient and try to clear up past grievances. If you bring taboo food to visit, it will backfire.

Although negative news is intangible, it is more easily overlooked, and patients are even more vulnerable. When chatting with patients, it is important to talk less about their condition and related topics, especially not about who has passed away recently. The word 'death' is even more taboo in hospitals.

Netizen message: During my illness, my family and friends came to visit me. During this period, they would pick up good news and say that they would not mention any negative or pessimistic news, which accelerated my physical recovery. If a continuous stream of family and friends brought a variety of negative news, pessimistic emotions would be harmful and beneficial to my physical recovery.

Comment: Patients need to recuperate. Although patients have the right to know, negative news can be told as little as possible to the patient. A lie told in order to take into account the overall situation is a white lie.

To go to the hospital, it is necessary to pay more or less for medical expenses. The patient's family's financial situation is relatively tight, so even if they want to provide material support, they should avoid giving red envelopes and try to give cash as much as possible. Even if they use mobile phones for payment, they should also avoid sending red envelopes and instead use the function of transfer. After all, red envelopes mainly symbolize joy and congratulations.

Netizen's message: During my visit to patients in the hospital, my clinical relatives and friends actually gave red envelopes directly, perhaps for convenience. However, the clinical patients felt very embarrassed and faced a dilemma between accepting and rejecting them. Finally, they bravely accepted.

Comment: Perhaps you don't stick to small details, but in special occasions, you should pay more attention to details, consider the other person's feelings, and think from a different perspective, so as to achieve what you don't want and not do to others.

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