Do you often wake up naturally in the middle of the night? There may be these 7 reasons, and a few ways to alleviate them!

Always waking up in the early morning and never falling asleep again?Let's talk to you this afternoonThe cause and solution of this problem300 million people in China have sleep disordersIn people's minds, sleeping is a fundamental skill that is naturally mastered, and it seems that no one should be "unable" to sleep. In fact, there are many people in life who are "unable to sleep"

Always waking up in the early morning and never falling asleep again?

Let's talk to you this afternoon

The cause and solution of this problem

300 million people in China have sleep disorders

In people's minds, sleeping is a fundamental skill that is naturally mastered, and it seems that no one should be "unable" to sleep. In fact, there are many people in life who are "unable to sleep".

According to survey data from the China Sleep Research Association, the total number of insomnia patients in China has reached 300 million, with 38.2% of adults suffering from insomnia, including 130 million young people born in the 1990s and 2000s.

Always wake up naturally in the middle of the night, or play tricks with 5 questions

Occasionally waking up in the middle of the night due to accidents or environmental disturbances will not have a significant impact. If you often wake up naturally in the middle of the night, you should pay attention to identifying the cause, perhaps these five problems are at work.

Drinking before bedtime

A study published in the journal Medical Internet Research found that drinking more than two glasses of alcohol, regardless of gender, resulted in a 40% decrease in sleep quality.

Alcohol has a sedative effect, which is completely different from physiological sleep. When it enters the human body, its first function is to stimulate the central nervous system.

When the alcohol concentration reaches a certain level and has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, the human body will feel dizzy, drowsy, and appear to aid sleep. In fact, this "inhibition" is actually a form of damage.

Alcohol will be partially metabolized by the human body after 3-4 hours, and the "sleep aid effect" will disappear. At this point, the inhibitory effect of alcohol on the neural center will also subside, and instead, it will lead to nerve excitement, making it easier to wake up, which is why drinkers often wake up late at night.

Nocturnal polyuria

During sleep, when the body experiences physiological needs, people will naturally wake up, the most common being being choked up by nocturia.

This situation is mostly caused by drinking water before sleep, but it does not exclude disease factors, such as diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia, overactive bladder syndrome, drug causes, urinary system infection and pregnancy.

High pressure

When a person is under excessive mental pressure, just like Ms. Wang, their body will unconsciously become tense and hyperactive, which naturally leads to insomnia. Sometimes it can cause emotional problems, endocrine disorders, and in severe cases, excessive behavior, which can lead to a decrease in sleep quality.

Thyroid problems

The thyroid gland is an important organ in the human body that produces thyroid hormones, and almost all diseases related to it are "good brothers" of insomnia.

For example, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, etc. Among them, hyperthyroidism can cause excessive secretion of thyroid hormones, causing excessive stimulation of the nervous system, and leading to insomnia.

On the contrary, hypothyroidism can lead to mental exhaustion and make patients drowsy. In addition, thyroid inflammation and nodules can cause abnormal and painful sensations in the body, thereby affecting sleep.

Mild depression

High pressureMild depression

Biological clock disorder

Biological clock disorderBiological clock disorder

Insufficient blood supply

Our body is still working normally after falling asleep, and our metabolism has not stopped, which requires a blood supply. If you often wake up in the middle of the night, it may be because there is a problem with the blood supply to your body organs. The body forces you to wake up to protect you. It is better to go to the hospital for examination if this situation occurs.

Four more and more sobering sleep aid methods, stop now!

There are many sleep aid methods in life that are actually wrong and can have adverse effects after use. It is important to learn to distinguish! Don't use these methods again.

'Counting Sheep' Sleep Aid:The process of counting sheep is actually a process of counting and calculating. When the brain is in an active state, how can it possibly fall asleep? Instead, it will become more conscious due to calculation.

Exercise fatigue helps sleep: Exercise can activate muscle cells, and human activities cannot be separated from neural signal transduction. It is naturally impossible to "rest" the brain's neural center through exercise!

Listening to music to aid sleep:Soothing music can aid sleep, but some high pitched, fast-paced music can actually stimulate the brain's neural centers, which has the opposite effect, just like being easily awakened by environmental noise during sleep.

Taking a hot bath to aid sleep:In a low temperature state where body temperature is lost, it is easier for the brain to fall asleep due to hypoxia and hypothermia. Although hot water can relax muscles, it can also stimulate the skin and transmit it to the brain, achieving a certain level of wakefulness. Therefore, it may be better to take a hot bath and wait for the body to warm up before falling asleep.

To have a good night's sleep, it's important to do these three things well

If you also have insomnia, try these three methods.

Choosing "sleep aid" bedding

When choosing a bed, sit naturally with your back facing the bed, and the thighs and calves should be at a 90 degree angle without pressure; The pillow should be about one punch high and form a natural curve in the head, neck, and shoulders;

The mattress should not be too soft, but should be moderately soft and hard to avoid being too soft, causing the waist and spine to sink deeply into it without any traction points, which can increase pressure.

Mastering key sleep time points

Do not touch electronic products within 1 hour before bedtime, and do not associate learning and work content; Not exercising within 2 hours; Not eating or drinking within 3 hours; Do not drink coffee for 6 hours.

Sleep can be improved according to the circulation time of the twelve meridians:

The phenomenon of 'natural awakening' in the middle of the night often occurs during the Chou and Yin periods, when our liver and lungs have problems.

Chou Shi from 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning

When the liver meridian is in order, Ugly Shi wakes up inexplicably, mostly due to the strong liver fire. Symptoms such as irritability, irritability, or qi stagnation are often present, and during the period when qi and blood flow into the liver meridian, it naturally awakens the person.

Suggestion: At this time, tapping and kneading the Yin Bao and Tai Chong acupoints of the liver meridian. Tapping and kneading at the acupoints every day for 5-10 minutes can improve the symptoms of waking up during ugly times.

From 3am to 5am in Yinshi

This is the time when the lung meridian is in order, which is when the lung function is strongest, so people with excessive lung fire, insufficient lung qi, and lung heat are more likely to wake up.

Suggestion: People with poor lungs can eat more nourishing foods, such as pears, lilies, and so on. Before going to bed, it is advisable to tap and massage the acupoints of the lung meridian and the thenar area. Every day, tap and massage at the acupoints for 5-10 minutes.

Breathe right, it's good to fall asleep

Develop a habit of meditating and breathing before going to bed. In a relaxed state, slowly try deep breathing for 8-10 minutes, and enter a meditative state during this process. It is effective for releasing mental stress and promoting sleep.

Source: Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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