The less liver blood, the more dreams you have. A traditional Chinese medicine trick teaches you to replenish liver blood, sleep soundly, and look good

Insomnia has become the "norm" of many people's lives in modern times. When it comes to not being able to sleep, there will be at least a few poor people around you who are "in the same boat"

Insomnia has become the "norm" of many people's lives in modern times. When it comes to not being able to sleep, there will be at least a few poor people around you who are "in the same boat". The pain of insomnia torments people and also makes their bodies "sub healthy". So how can we solve the pain of insomnia?

Firstly, we need to know why insomnia occurs?

Under normal circumstances, during sleep, blood will return to the liver. Once the liver has sufficient blood, people will sleep soundly and feel refreshed the next day. In fact, this is the same as eating when one is hungry, and after the food is digested and absorbed by the stomach, the whole body becomes strong. On the contrary, if one thinks too much during the day and loses liver blood, and at night the liver blood is insufficient, the mind and liver soul cannot be nourished by blood, it will cause insomnia and dreams. This is what traditional Chinese medicine refers to as liver blood deficiency.

Secondly, what are the symptoms of liver blood deficiency?

The first is that insufficient liver blood will lead to aimlessness and dryness

My friends often ask me, 'My eyes are dry and astringent. Is eye drops useful?'? Eye drops can alleviate dryness, but they do not cure the symptoms. When a person has insufficient liver blood, they will have dry eyes and blurred vision. If a person's eyes are always dull, dull, and prone to dryness, it must be related to insufficient liver blood.

Secondly, insufficient liver blood will inevitably lead to dry and brittle nails

Adequate liver blood is the most natural one click nail enhancement function. With sufficient liver blood, your nails will become red and shiny. On the contrary, if your liver blood is insufficient, your nails will have a withered color and are prone to cracking.

The third is that people with insufficient liver blood will inevitably have more dreams

Liver blood nourishes our eyes and nails, and it can also nourish our liver soul. Traditional Chinese medicine calls this "liver stores blood, blood abandons soul". If liver blood is insufficient, blood will not nourish soul, and soul will become restless. Of course, you will have more dreams, sleep is shallow, and it is easy to wake up.

These symptoms are caused by insufficient liver blood.

Finally, Dr. Guo wants to share a move with everyone, that is, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations Bazhen Pill. Bazhen Wan is composed of Siwu Tang and Sijunzi Tang. Siwu Tang nourishes blood and Sijunzi Tang nourishes qi. When combined, the two have the effect of nourishing blood and regulating blood, which can help you replenish liver blood, stay away from insomnia, and restore good complexion. If you have the above symptoms and want to recuperate, you must consult a professional doctor for dialectical treatment before using the correct medication! Let's see you next time!

Source: Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Guo Toutiao Hao

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