Middle aged and elderly people do not do three things in the morning and three things at night to live longer

Question: How can I receive such articles every day?Answer: Just click on "Follow" in the upper right corner.Some people can live a long life of a hundred years, but some people tend to live a short life

Question: How can I receive such articles every day?

Answer: Just click on "Follow" in the upper right corner.

Some people can live a long life of a hundred years, but some people tend to live a short life. Since the factors of the day after tomorrow occupy a decisive position, doing something in the morning and at night can affect the longevity or not.

Getting up early and sleeping at night should pay attention to quality. A day is a good beginning and an end, with a good start and a good end. The virtuous cycle that repeats itself will promote longevity.

Netizen's message: I never immediately turn over when I wake up in the morning, and if I can stay up late at night, I try not to stay up as much as possible. Now that I am in my eighties, it has been proven that these two habits of living can withstand testing.

Comment: Although a good start is half the battle, whether the remaining half will succeed depends on whether there is a proper endpoint. After all, when it comes to results, it is also necessary to be results oriented.

Although morning exercise is good, exercising at the wrong time can backfire. It is even more important to keep your mouth shut when eating at night. Even if you do not eat toxic or harmful food, overeating may lead to illness entering your mouth.

Netizen's message: I used to have poor health, but upon reflection, I realized that the reason was that I ate too much at night and did vigorous exercise on an empty stomach the next morning because I didn't feel hungry. Over time, my body became increasingly unable to eat.

Comment: Choosing the timing of exercise is more important than the efforts made for it. For the sake of good health, not only should breakfast and lunch withstand the temptation of delicious food, but dinner also needs to withstand the temptation of delicious food.

The reason why habits can affect fate is because they accumulate over time and have a subtle impact on fate. Good or bad habits do not have a significant impact on fate in the short term, but the longer the time, the greater the impact.

Netizen message: When I wake up in the morning to defecate, although I use force, I don't use too much force. My blood pressure is already high, and once I used too much force during defecation. Afterwards, I measured my blood pressure and it actually increased a lot. In addition, before going to bed, I try to listen to as much light music as possible, and at the same time, I try to get as close as possible to my partner, which creates a good sleeping environment.

Comment: Correcting habits is correcting fate, and one cannot ignore them just because they are fragmented habits. Paying attention to modifying small habits can prevent ants from destroying a thousand mile embankment.

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