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In my years of medical practice, I have encountered various patients, and each of their cases is like a page by page story, forming the thick and heavy foundation of my career. Among them, a middle-aged patient named Mr

In my years of medical practice, I have encountered various patients, and each of their cases is like a page by page story, forming the thick and heavy foundation of my career. Among them, a middle-aged patient named Mr. Zhou left a deep impression on me.His experience deeply reflects an ancient Chinese medicine motto: "Three deficiencies do not lead to the same sexual intercourse, and the same sexual intercourse does not last long

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Mr. Zhou is a successful lawyer, and busyness and stress seem to be eternal themes in his life. Long term staying up late, irregular eating habits, and sustained mental stress have gradually led to health problems.

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When he walked into my consulting room, I noticed that although his steps were firm, his eyes couldn't conceal fatigue. His face turned pale, and his voice revealed an indescribable weakness. After careful consultation and diagnosis, I found that Mr. Zhou is a typical representative of the so-called "three deficiencies" - deficiency of essence, deficiency of qi, and deficiency of spirit.

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What are essence deficiency, qi deficiency, and spiritual deficiency?

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, essence, qi, and spirit are the three major elements that constitute human life. They are interdependent and interact with each other, jointly maintaining the life activities of the human body.

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Essence is an important material foundation in traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the basic substances that make up the human body and an important substance for maintaining growth, development, reproduction, and various physiological activities.

Essence deficiency usually refers to the insufficient quantity or quality of semen in the human body. People with deficiency in essence may manifest as insufficient energy, decreased libido, premature white hair, hair loss, fragile bones, decreased memory, and decreased reproductive function. When treating essence deficiency, traditional Chinese medicine may use herbs that tonify kidney essence, such as Polygonum multiflorum, Eucommia ulmoides, etc. It is also recommended to increase the intake of high protein foods and maintain sufficient rest.

2. Qi, in traditional Chinese medicine, refers to a driving force for maintaining life activities. It promotes blood circulation in the body, supports respiration, assists digestion and absorption, and resists the invasion of external pathogens.

Qi deficiency means a weakening of this vital force, which may lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, tendency to sweat, pale complexion, and low energy. The treatment of qi deficiency usually requires the use of methods to replenish qi, such as taking drugs such as ginseng and astragalus, as well as improving diet and lifestyle habits to enhance physical fitness.

3. In traditional Chinese medicine, God represents the spiritual activity and state of consciousness of humans.

Shenxu usually refers to a decrease in the power of mental activity, which may manifest as psychological and mental problems such as lack of concentration, insomnia and excessive dreaming, emotional fluctuations, depression, fear and unease. The treatment of Shen Xu requires nourishing the mind and spirit. Commonly used methods include traditional Chinese medicine formulas for calming the nerves, such as Sour Zaoren Tang and Ganmai Da Zao Tang. At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to psychological adjustment, stress reduction, and relaxation.

If a person has long-term problems with the "three deficiencies" - namely, deficiency of essence, deficiency of qi, and deficiency of spirit - they may face some problems during sexual intercourse.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, essence, qi, and spirit are the foundation for maintaining physical health and sexual function. The following are potential issues and improvement suggestions:

Possible issues:

1. Low libido:Essence deficiency may lead to decreased libido, as the body lacks sufficient energy and reproductive substances.

2. Decreased sexual ability:Qi deficiency can affect a person's physiological vitality and may lead to a decrease in sexual ability, manifested as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

3. Emotional issuesMental deficiency can lead to emotional fluctuations, which may affect emotional communication and physical relaxation during sexual activity, thereby affecting the quality of sexual life.

How can we improve these issues?

1. Improve diet:Adopt a balanced diet and consume sufficient nutrients, especially foods that can tonify the kidneys, essence, qi, and blood, such as black sesame, walnuts, red dates, longans, etc.

2. Moderate exercise:Appropriate exercise can enhance physical fitness, improve blood circulation, and thus enhance sexual ability. Recommend mild aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming, or tai chi.

3. Adequate rest:Ensure sufficient sleep time and avoid excessive fatigue, as the body needs rest to restore vitality.

4. Decompression and relaxation:Reduce psychological stress and maintain mental health through meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises.

5. Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning:Use traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, such as taking Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion or cupping, to regulate the body, especially for the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency, qi deficiency and blood deficiency.

6. Regular lifestyle:Avoid frequent sexual activity and excessive sexual activity, leaving time for the body to recover.

7. Emotional communication:Open and honest communication with partners, establishing emotional connections, can help improve emotional issues in sexual life.

If these problems persist, especially if they affect the quality of life, seeking professional medical assistance becomes particularly important. Professional doctors, such as endocrinologists or sexual medicine experts, may be required to conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide corresponding treatment.

After a period of effort, Mr. Zhou's condition has significantly improved. His face turned rosy and his mental state improved significantly. This case once again reminds me that the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine lies not only in medication, but also in the overall regulation of lifestyle and mental state.


In the fast-paced modern life, we need to pay more attention to our physical and mental health. When our bodies experience 'three deficiencies', we not only need to regulate them through medication, but also through adjusting our lifestyle habits and mindset to nourish our energy and achieve a harmonious unity of body and mind. Only in this way can we truly have a healthy and happy life.

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