Is it good for smokers to quit smoking? Quitting smoking may cause sudden heart or brain infarction? Doctors provide answers - reducing processed meat for kids

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Before reading this article, we sincerely invite you to click on itFollowIt is not only convenient for you to discuss and share, but also to share more professional health knowledge with you, safeguarding your health. Thank you for your support.

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Mr. Li, who is 79 years old this year, wants to quit smoking because he saw his old friends who like smoking pass away due to lung cancer and stomach cancer. He was afraid and had a desire to quit smoking. However, in fact, quitting smoking is a very difficult thing, and it can be said to be a big project.

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However, nobody expected that in the first month after quitting smoking, he was sent to the hospital due to an unexpected heart attack. After emergency treatment, his family spent over 100000 yuan to bring him back to life. After that,On the contrary, Uncle Li was a bit puzzled: "How can one quit smoking and get sick? Can't one quit smoking at an old age?

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Many veteran smokers who wander in circles often say, 'As you get older, don't mess around with yourself. If you can smoke, smoke. Anyway, you're already quite old at this time.',Quitting smoking again is not good for your health, but it can make you feel uncomfortable. Why bother?

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Many people take these words as the true meaning, and even believe that quitting smoking at an old age is really meaningless. It is undeniable that the age of Chinese smokers is gradually becoming younger, coupled with the number of smokers ranking first in the world,Moreover, the number of people who suffer from cancer due to smoking is gradually expanding. How to guide everyone to have a correct view of cigarettes is a very important issue.

In a study conducted by Tsinghua University, they were surprised to find that 75% of liver cancer patients have a relatively long history of smoking,The smoking age can even reach 30 or 40 years.

From a medical perspective, smoking is indeed harmful to physical health, which is not only a slogan, but also a conclusive fact. Because whether it's low-priced cigarettes, high-priced cigarettes, whether it's thin rod cigarettes or thick rod cigarettes,Cigarettes contain a large amount of tar and nicotine, and after inhalation, these toxins will enter the human body.

At this point, if it is not metabolized by the body in a timely manner,It is easy to accumulate toxins, ultimately leading to cancer and other chronic diseases.

But when it comes to quitting smoking, to be precise, it does have some difficulty because prolonged smoking can lead to a certain degree of addiction in the brain. Therefore, in the first two months of smoking cessation, there may be a strong withdrawal reaction. For example,Many smokers may feel that if they don't smoke, it's like millions of ants constantly gnawing at themselves in their bodies, like they're completely detoxified.

In severe cases, more obvious withdrawal reactions can also cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, pantothenic acid, constipation, and temporary digestive system disorders, and nicotine can further damage the brain and nerves,In severe cases, this can make some smokers feel at a loss, even anxious and unable to sleep.

Within 48 hours of quitting smoking, withdrawal reactions will occur, and due to differences in physical constitution and age,The withdrawal reaction time and actual situation of each smoker will also vary.

Generally speaking, after 30 days of quitting smoking, there will be a significant relief in the withdrawal reaction, and after 60 days, many people who have survived the withdrawal stage will feel extremely relaxed,So when it comes to whether it is necessary for regular smokers to quit smoking, the answer to this question is actually very necessary.

In 2019, British scientists conducted a study and unexpectedly found that if they quit smoking in a timely manner, it could miraculously eliminate cancerous cells in the lungs,Because prolonged smoking can cause damaged cells to proliferate continuously.

And once smokers quit smoking, some healthy cells will still regenerate, and then conquer those already damaged cells, even allowing them to have the ability to self repair.From this, it can be seen that the harm caused by smoking is not permanent or irreversible. If smoking cessation is reasonable, there may be a chance to restore health.

Nowadays, many young people are actually very fond of smoking e-cigarettes, and even believe that e-cigarettes can replace cigarettes without causing too much harm to the human body. However,As a smoking cessation tool, e-cigarettes still inevitably contain nicotine, glycerol, and other heavy metal components.

In this way, smoking electronic cigarettes still has a high probability of inducing lung cancer, bladder cancer, epilepsy, asthma and other diseases. Therefore, we should not blindly fall into the consumption trap,I even believe that the marketing tactics of merchants are true, and even believe that cigarettes can be quit, but electronic cigarettes are indispensable.

According to incomplete statistics, the success rate of quitting smoking in China is less than 5%, which means that less than 5 out of 100 people may succeed in quitting smoking. Therefore, for the sake of their own physical health, in the long run, everyone should scientifically and effectively quit smoking. For example,When there is a clear addiction to smoking, people can read books or engage in outdoor activities.

Additionally, when quitting smoking, people can try sugarless gum or mineral water more often,We also need to maintain a resilient heart and never give up easily.

What is your opinion on quitting smoking? Welcome to the comment section to discuss together!

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