Paired with American ginseng, it can cook water daily, nourish the liver and promote blood circulation, nourish yin and promote fluid production, and has many benefits! - easy morning workouts for quick energy

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Su

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Su. I believe many people have a few bottles of American ginseng in their homes, right? Listening to others saying that American ginseng is good for the body, but after buying it, I don't know if it's suitable for me or how to eat it, so I left it with "eating ashes". So today,I will tell you how people of different constitutions can use American ginseng to match.

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Firstly, people with liver and kidney deficiency.This type of person usually feels thatDizziness, unclear vision, and weak waist and knees, decreased function, prone to ejaculation, and constant swelling and pain in both ribsWait, this is mostly caused by insufficient liver and kidney to nourish the bodyUse American ginseng with goji berries to nourish liver blood and nourish kidney yin!So supplementing the liver and kidneys will alleviate these conditions.

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easy morning workouts for quick energy

Then there are people with lung yin deficiency.This type of person usually hasCoughing, wheezing and fatigue, shortness of breath, dry cough without phlegm, clear complexion, as well as dryness and heat in the chest, low immunity, and susceptibility to coldsThe situation; In addition, due to the fact that the lungs and large intestine are external and internal, lung yin deficiency can also lead to a decrease in body fluid in the large intestineYin deficiency constipationSymptoms of. At this point, you canBoiling water with American ginseng and honey has the effects of nourishing yin, promoting fluid production, nourishing dryness, benefiting the lungs, and soothing the intestines and bowel movements.

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Secondly, people with qi deficiency.This type of person usually feels thatThe body is weak, lacks energy, sweats frequently, and is prone to fatigueWho has a cold around them and is the first to be infected? This is because the Qi machine not only has the function of promoting the body, but also has the function of resisting external evil. At this time, it is necessary to replenish the QiUse American ginseng with Astragalus membranaceus to replenish qi, elevate yang, and solidify the surface to stop sweating.

Finally, people with weak spleen and stomach.This type of person usually feels thatWeak limbs and lack of blood on the faceAnd if you eat a little food, you don't want to eat anymore,No appetite, not digesting yetMale friends will appearEjaculation and functional declineFemale friends may experienceIncreased vaginal discharge and reduced menstrual flowSymptoms of. At this point, you canUsing American ginseng and yam to nourish qi and yin, tonify the spleen and kidney, and consolidate essence and stop bleeding.

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