• Wendu Education Technology Group

    Wendu Group has established an excellent enterprise development platform with continuously strengthened standardized construction and increasingly improved refined management as its basic operational control measures. Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" and the work philosophy of "sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat", it has formed a strong core competitiveness of the enterprise with a constantly innovative product system and a proactive and enthusiastic work style. After more than ten years of development, Wendu Group has become a highly sustainable educational aircraft carrier.

  • Xueersi Education

    Xueersi International Education Group (hereinafter referred to as Xueersi Education) was established in 2003 and has developed into a highly well-known primary and secondary school training institution in Beijing in just six years. With the goal of cultivating excellent education, Xueersi Education always adheres to the concept of "character education, motivational education, love education, and fun education", and has cultivated a large number of outstanding students with both moral and talent abilities and outstanding achievements.

  • Giant Network - Primary and Secondary Education Resource Portal Website

    Giant School has developed into a comprehensive education group that faces society and covers the fields of early childhood, youth, and adult education. The courses offered involve various fields such as English, primary and secondary schools, cultural and artistic education, vocational certification, computer science, and tutoring. There are over 100 types of subjects, covering a wide range and offering a wide range of subjects. Among the private training and education fields in China, they are at the forefront and can be regarded as a model.

  • Haitian Education - Home Page

    The headquarters of Haitian Education is located in Zhongguancun, the most densely populated area of technology, intelligence, talent, and information resources in Beijing. Its geographical location is unique, surrounded by prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, and China University of Political Science and Law, giving Haitian a good cultural atmosphere and strong academic atmosphere.

  • China Education Resource Network

    China Education Resource Network Teacher Home - Provide Convenience for Chinese Teachers!

  • Beijing Yingcai Yuan homepage | Education resources: college entrance examination questions, prestigious school exam questions, monthly exam questions, stage tests, and teaching materials are the latest, fastest, and most complete!

    Beijing Yingcai Yuan homepage | Education resources: college entrance examination questions, prestigious school exam questions, monthly exam questions, stage tests, and teaching materials are the latest, fastest, and most complete!

  • New Thinking: China Education Resource Service Platform: www.cersp.com

    New Thinking Network (www.cersp. com) is China's first comprehensive online education resource and service platform jointly developed by Today's Garden Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. and the Basic Education Curriculum and Textbook Development Center of the Ministry of Education. It is also the only network support platform for promoting China's education curriculum reform and the excellent education resource network platform recommended by the Ministry of Education to the whole country.

  • Soxue Network - China Education Search Portal. Education, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, training, study abroad, campus, examination, and university information

    Souxue Network (www.sooxue. com) is positioned as an educational search service for billions of students. It has now developed into the largest educational search portal in China. We are based on the flourishing development of education in China, serving a wide range of candidates and students with authoritative educational information and vertical educational search services. And create channel columns closely related to the learning and life of billions of students to complement each other, truly achieving care, attention, and full service. At the same time, relying on the strong media advantages and rich experience in operating the education market of Blue Fulcrum Education Media, we have built a practical communication platform between scholars, educational institutions, and universities.

  • China Education Information Network

    The Education Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education is a public institution directly under the Ministry of Education, responsible for organizing, coordinating, and promoting the construction of the management information system for provincial, prefecture, and county education administrative departments; Organize, develop and utilize the data resources of the State Information Center, provide statistical analysis and evaluation reports, and serve the Ministry of Education in macro management and scientific decision-making; Be responsible for the annual data collection of various education statistics, establish various education statistical database, and provide education data information services; Responsible for formulating education management information standards and data exchange work of the Ministry of Education, as well as information confidentiality and security work; Responsible for organizing research and development of educational management decision support systems, tracking and researching the application of new information technologies in educational systems and management.

  • China Higher Education Student Information Network (Xuexin Network)

    The China Higher Education Student Information Network is an e-government platform designated by the Ministry of Education. Relying on the national college student information consultation and employment guidance center, a large data warehouse integrating college enrollment, student status and education, graduate employment and national student loan student personal information has been established, and a record query system, student status and education information management platform, "Sunshine College Entrance Examination" information platform, master's online enrollment and admission inspection system, national student loan student personal information system There are many e-government systems and social information service systems, such as academic certification online office system, learning and information employment.

  • Homepage_ K12 China Primary and Secondary Education and Teaching Network

    Beijing Yuying Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. (K12 Education Network) was officially established on June 8, 2000. It is a high-tech enterprise and software certification enterprise in Beijing, and is well-known in the field of basic education nationwide due to its affiliated K12 Education Network, K12 Education Resource Database, K12 Full Series Education Software, and K12 Campus Network/Metropolitan Area Network Solution.

  • Hunan Education Network

    Hunan Education Network www.hnedu.cn is a Hunan education portal website hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and undertaken by the Hunan Provincial Education Management Information Center. It is a comprehensive education website platform for Hunan education government affairs disclosure, education news release, and education resource sharing