• Hunan Women's Professional University

    To the north of the Xiangjiang River, waves crashing into the Dongting; Yuelu is handsome, with the sound of books in the depths of the clouds and mist. Since ancient times, this place has been a gathering place of people and culture admired by students all over the world. Zhang Shi, Zhu Xi, Wei Yuan, Tan Sitong, Mao Zedong, and the long-standing Huxiang learning system run through ancient and modern times. This is also the cradle of modern Chinese women's movement and women's education. Xiang Jingyu, Cai Chang, Yang Kaihui, Ding Ling, and the pioneering spirit of Hunan are passed down. Hunan Women's Vocational University is located in Changsha, the "Famous City of Chu and Han" and the "Capital of Hunan", which is a graceful and graceful city.