After three baths, one's life is thinner than paper? Which "three baths" cannot be taken? Don't take it seriously - maintaining joint cartilage health

Uncle Jia, who is 64 years old, fell in love with outdoor sports after retirement. Every day, he would invite friends and family to play a few badminton games

Uncle Jia, who is 64 years old, fell in love with outdoor sports after retirement. Every day, he would invite friends and family to play a few badminton games. When he was tired and sweated all over, he would take a bath in the big bathhouse in the gym, not to mention it was very comfortable.

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A few days ago, Uncle Jia finished playing basketball as usual and was ready to take a bath. While taking a bath, he happened to meet a friend he hadn't seen for a long time and talked a few more words. Perhaps the soaking time has been a bit long. Uncle Jia just put on his clothes and went out. When the cold wind blew, he suddenly felt dizzy and couldn't stand steadily. My friend saw that something was wrong with him and quickly called 120 to take him to a nearby hospital.

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After a series of examinations, it was found that Uncle Jia had a sudden cerebral infarction. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in a timely manner. After emergency treatment, his consciousness quickly recovered, and due to his regular exercise habits, his hand and foot functions also recovered well.

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Uncle Jia was puzzled,I just took a shower a little longer than usual, why did I suddenly have a stroke?

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Winter is a high incidence season for stroke and cardiovascular diseases, and bathing is often one of the causes of accidents. If the bathing method is incorrect, it may trigger the mechanism of stroke and threaten life.

The so-calledcerebral apoplexyIt's actually what people often sayapoplexyStroke is generally classified intocerebral apoplexyandcerebral apoplexyMainly due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain.

In daily life,apoplexyFor example, when emotions are excessively excited; When there is a sudden change in temperature; When using the restroom with excessive force; When there is excessive pressure or overwork in the workplace;When taking a shower in winter; When sweating during intense exercise in summer; And eating too much, exercising too much, drinking too much, etc.

cerebral apoplexy,,cerebral apoplexy.Suffering from chronic basic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetesThese diseases can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

When taking a shower, people tend tocoldRoom turningwarmA steaming bathroom. When encountering hot water, the body temperature rapidly rises,Blood pressure is prone to fluctuationsExcessive fluctuations can lead toAtherosclerotic plaque falls off and blocks blood vessels,,apoplexy.

In addition, frequent bathing in the elderly not only increases the risk of stroke, but also increases the risk of strokeRub the bath vigorouslyIt can also damage the skin barrier, causingSkin itching.

Li Wei, Chief Physician of the Department of Dermatology at Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, statedIn recent years, the number of patients with dermatitis has increased, which is likely related to excessive bathing frequency, especially elderly atopic dermatitis, which is mostly due toFrequent bathing and high water temperature.

,,23,cold,57.When taking a shower, the water temperature should not be too hot, just slightly above the body temperature,Control the time to around 10 minutes,avoidApply to the surface of the skinExcessive cleaning.



  • Take a shower when you get together in bed

,,Early morning (6-10 pm) blood pressure,,,,,,,.

  • Take a shower after drinking alcohol


  • Take a shower after exercise

,,and,and,,Especially for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease,,.


,,.cerebral apoplexy,.,,.

1. Body temperature and indoor temperature balance

,,,.,,,.,First put in hot water or turn on the electric heater, bathtub, etc,,avoid.

2. The water temperature should not be too high

,,43,.,Bathing time should not be too long,Within 15-20 minutes.

3. Pay attention to the order of bathing


4. Drink water before and after taking a shower

,Drink some warm water first,,,,.



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