After the beginning of winter, radish and it are a perfect match! Nourishing the whole body and preventing fire, selecting the right variety is more nourishing - avoiding artificial hormones for fertility

Radish has always been known as "affordable ginseng", and there is also a saying among the people that "eat carrots in winter and ginger in summer". However, as soon as winter passes, the radishes in the vegetable market become particularly popular

Radish has always been known as "affordable ginseng", and there is also a saying among the people that "eat carrots in winter and ginger in summer". However, as soon as winter passes, the radishes in the vegetable market become particularly popular. Can a radish really boost people's energy in that cold weather?

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Radish does have many advantages,

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Different colors have their own "strengths"

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Radish is a vegetable in the cruciferous family, commonly known as white radish, green radish, red radish, cherry radish, heart-shaped radish, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carrots have the effects of reducing digestion, resolving phlegm, clearing heat, and lowering qi. Li Shizhen once referred to them as the "most beneficial among vegetables".

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In the autumn and winter seasons, the climate is dry, and radish itself has a high water content, which can provide the body with missing water and has a good effect on promoting fluid production and relieving cough. Recently, friends who often experience symptoms of dry mouth, thirst, and cough are very suitable to eat.

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After cold weather, people's intake of meat will also increase. Radish can not only help relieve greasy food but also aid digestion. Moreover, radishes have a mild cold nature and have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. In response to the problem of easily catching fire in autumn and winter, they can be used to help alleviate it.

Different colors of radishes have their own strengths in terms of "clearing fire":


White Radish, Clear Lung Fire

White goes into the lung, so white radish has a relatively stronger effect on clearing lung and fire, which is more suitable for Rice and vegetable roll with cough and phlegm.


Green radish, clearing liver and fire

Green radish is good at soothing the liver and reducing the liver fire. It is more recommended to choose this kind of Rice and vegetable roll with hot temper, red face, more eye droppings, dizziness and headache.


Carrots, Qingxinhuo

Carrots focus on clearing heart fire, suitable for Rice and vegetable roll with sore tongue, insomnia and upset.

In addition, from the perspective of modern nutrition, the lignin rich in radish can to some extent reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol by the human body; The purine content is low, and gout people can also eat it; Low calorie and strong satiety are also a good dietary choice for overweight and overweight friends who are afraid of gaining weight.





Olives, also known as green fruits, are also known as "Qinglong Baihu Tang" when stewed with radish. It is recorded in the ancient book "Wang's Medical Record" that they can effectively prevent the occurrence of upper respiratory tract problems.

Olives have the functions of clearing the lungs, promoting pharynx, promoting fluid production and thirst quenching. With radish, they can not only help treat cough and sore throat, but also prevent influenza and bronchitis if taken for a long time.



Sugarcane enters the lungs and stomach meridians, with a special effect of promoting fluid production, lowering qi, moistening dryness, and tonifying the lungs and stomach. Paired with radish, it can alleviate symptoms such as tonsillitis, swelling of the tonsils, sore throat, and drowsiness.


Rumors about radishes

Which is true or false?

Carrots have many benefits, but there are also many rumors about them: carrots and white radishes cannot be eaten together? Can't eat radishes while taking medicine... So what about the truth of these rumors?


White radish and carrots are mutually exclusive and cannot be eaten together?

Rumor goes, "Carrots contain an enzyme called ascorbic acid that breaks down vitamin C in white radish, so they cannot be eaten together

But in fact, the heat resistance of ascorbic acid is very low. During heating and cooking, high temperature will make it lose its activity, so it will not damage the vitamin C contained in white radish; In addition, white radish itself actually contains ascorbic acid and can be consumed together.


Can't you eat radishes while taking medicine?

White radish has a strong ability to lower qi and dissipate stagnation, which is why many people believe that radish is an antidote.

White radish and white radish seeds can indeed affect the properties of some ginseng tonics, such as ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula, and Radix Pseudostellariae, while they have no effect on other drugs, and can even promote the efficacy of drugs for treating food accumulation and qi stagnation. Therefore, it cannot be generalized.


Must radish be peeled when eating?

Many people are accustomed to removing the skin of radish when eating it, feeling that it is not clean to bury it in the soil. Little do they know that many of the nutrients in radish are focused on the inside of the radish skin.


Author: Fan Xiaoer

Source: CCTV Home for Dinner

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