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Mr. Liu is over 60 years old and has retired from his job for many years

Mr. Liu is over 60 years old and has retired from his job for many years. Recently, he went to the hospital for a check-up due to discomfort. However, this check-up didn't matter and scared Mr. Liu and his family.

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The doctor held the examination form and solemnly claimed that,At present, it has been found that Uncle Liu has liver cirrhosis and must be hospitalized for treatment,And in the future, we must eliminate alcohol intake. To recover, we must first quit drinking.

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It turns out that Uncle Liu drinks two liang of Baijiu every day. He believes that drinking is good for health and can promote metabolism,Therefore, he has been adhering to the habit of drinking for more than 30 years, and every time he doesn't drink too much, he only drinks about two taels.

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His son and his wife tried to dissuade him many times, but Uncle Liu said that he didn't drink much, and drinking less would help his health, so you should leave it alone. So he drank some Baijiu every day until he felt sick and went to check.

Many friends have different opinions on whether drinking alcohol is beneficial for health. Some people believe that moderate drinking is beneficial to the body, while others believe that no matter how much alcohol is consumed, as long as it is harmful to the body.

Which of these two viewpoints is correct? Who is healthier than someone who insists on drinking alcohol or not drinking alcohol every day? Today, let's talk about whether drinking alcohol is beneficial or not?

Research shows that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for health, is it reliable?

According to a survey conducted by a hospital in Massachusetts, the United States, a survey on whether drinking alcohol has a health impact was published on JACC. Experts conducted physical examinations for people who do not drink alcohol and those who drink in small amounts.

The researchers randomly selected 754 individuals to participate in the experiment. Among these hundreds of individuals, there were individuals who had never consumed alcohol, abstained from drinking alcohol, had a small amount of alcohol, or had mild alcohol consumption. They underwent brain CT scans on each of them.

After analyzing the inspection results,Compared with those who never drink or abstain from alcohol and those who consume a small amount (mild) of alcohol, the regions in their brains that respond to stress show greater stress signals.

According to this study, many people believe that drinking alcohol can indeed alleviate stress, and moderate drinking can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,However, the conclusion drawn from these 754 individuals is not entirely reliable.

Due to the limitations of 745 people, which are not shown by big data, and the fact that people selected from the same region have many similarities in their lifestyle and physical aspects, they are not investigative.

Firstly, due to the limitations of the research group, the research methods are too single, and the research objectives are different, so the reliability of conclusions is not strong.

Just like someone giving an example, there is an elderly person around them who has been drinking alcohol for a lifetime, not only without identifying any problems, but also has a particularly healthy and long life. In their 90s, they still insist on drinking alcohol. Can this single example alone reflect the conclusion that drinking alcohol can lead to a long life?The answer is definitely not possible, so we cannot blindly believe it.

Are there any benefits to drinking alcohol?

For some people who enjoy drinking, they may think that drinking alcohol has many benefits, such as when the body is extremely tired, drinking some alcohol to numb the nerves can alleviate the uncomfortable feeling on the body.

In cold winter weather, drinking alcohol can dispel the cold and make the body's limbs warm. After drinking alcohol, one can also be in a particularly excited state,Although it may seem that drinking alcohol has brought many benefits, is it really beneficial for the body? In fact, it is not.

The composition of wine and its changes after entering the body

The Baijiu we see on the market are all composed of water, alcohol and a variety of chemical elements (esters, aldehydes, acids, alcohols), of which alcohol is the most abundant component in Baijiu except water.

Alcohol is ethanol. When we drink it, it first passes through our esophagus and then enters the gastrointestinal tract. However, in the gastrointestinal tract, alcohol does not undergo decomposition changes, and it is partially absorbed by our stomach.

That's why drinking too much alcohol can cause stomach bleeding, and excessive drinking can lead to high alcohol levels in the stomach,Alcohol can damage the gastric mucosa, causing trauma to the stomach, and in severe cases, bleeding symptoms can occur.

After passing through the liver, a large portion of the alcohol is filtered out, and a portion enters the heart. Finally, it passes through the pressure of the heart's aorta and flows with the blood to various parts of the body; That's why there is a blood sampling test for drunk driving.

Is it really okay to have a red face when drinking?

In the minds of most of us, many people believe that drinking alcohol and blushing is not a big deal,And some people still believe that people who blush should drink more, which is precisely the wrong conclusion.

After alcohol enters the body, in order to completely decompose ethanol, two enzymes in the body (ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase) are required. They can convert ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is then converted into acetic acid. Finally, acetic acid is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide is expelled from the body.

For normal people, the levels of these two enzymes in the body are quite high. After encountering alcohol, they can be quickly decomposed and excreted from the body, reducing the impact of alcohol on the central nervous system. Therefore, people with high alcohol consumption generally have a direct relationship with the levels of these two enzymes in the body.

People who drink and blush happen to lack these two enzymes in their bodies,After ethanol is decomposed into acetaldehyde, it cannot be further decomposed in a timely manner. After a large amount of acetaldehyde accumulates in the body, they have the effect of dilating capillaries.

After the capillaries are dilated, it feels like they have reached a state of congestion, and from the outside, the face becomes very red.

The hazards of drinking alcohol

Many people believe that drinking alcohol can alleviate fatigue and relax the body and mind, which is true. However, long-term drinking is not beneficial to the body. According to scientific research, drinking alcohol has a high carcinogenic rate.

In the 2020 survey, over 700000 new types of cancer worldwide were associated with alcohol consumption,Therefore, drinking alcohol can increase the risk and likelihood of developing cancer, such as common liver cancer, esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

When alcohol enters the body, most of it relies on the liver for filtration. The liver mainly plays a role in detoxification, detoxification, and metabolism in the body, and alcohol also needs to be excreted by the liver, which has limited digestion ability.

Large amounts of ethanol and long-term alcoholism can lead to liver overload metabolism,Over time, if the liver is not excreted in a timely manner, alcohol will accumulate in the liver, leading to cirrhosis and liver damage. Prolonged exposure to this can lead to liver cancer.

Drinking alcohol can also cause telangiectasia, leading to vascular sclerosis. Acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol, is a primary carcinogen that can damage blood vessels and lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, the notion that drinking alcohol is beneficial to one's physical health is simply absurd. Drinking alcohol to some extent is unhealthy for the body, and alcohol is harmful to the body. Please drink as little or no alcohol as possible to ensure one's health.

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