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Site Description: Xiamen Institute of Technology homepage http://www.xmut.edu.cn XIAMEN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Xiamen University, Xiamen Institute of Technology is a public undergraduate university under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province. Implement a leadership and management system based on the joint construction of provinces and cities, with Xiamen as the main city. It has a history of 26 years in education. Xiamen Institute of Technology currently has over 10000 students (trainees) on campus. Among them, there are over 7200 full-time undergraduate and vocational students (including international students), and 3000 adult education students. At present, there are nearly 700 faculty members, including one academician of the CAE Member, one distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholar. The teachers with associate professor or above account for 38% of the full-time teachers, and the teachers with master's or doctoral degrees account for 67.4% of the total full-time teachers. The college currently has two campuses, Siming and Jimei. The Siming Campus is located at the foot of the Beehive Mountain at the southern end of Xiamen Island, facing Gulangyu across the sea, adjacent to Nanputuo and Xiamen University. The Jimei Campus is located in the Jimei Cultural and Educational District, covering an area of over 1000 acres and was opened in 2005. The Siming campus is surrounded by mountains and the sea, with lush vegetation and tranquil elegance. The modern building complex of Jimei campus is surrounded by magnificent and advanced facilities. They are all good places to read and learn. The college currently has 16 departments, offering 24 undergraduate majors and 25 specialized majors, covering multiple disciplines such as humanities, science, engineering, economics, and management. The college has a number of research and industrial institutions, including the Architectural Design Institute, the Spatial Information Technology Research Institute, the Journal Editing Department, and the Science and Technology Industry Company.

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