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Site Description: Sina Public Welfare Channel is committed to spreading the concept of public welfare culture, innovating modern public welfare models, creating a public welfare service platform, and promoting the forward development of social public welfare undertakings. Sina Public Welfare focuses on social public welfare hotspots, reports on social public welfare events, and creates a caring community for public welfare, striving to create a public welfare interactive zone for public participation; At the same time, we will work together with public welfare organizations, caring enterprises, and social figures to contribute love, care for the environment, assist students with disabilities, alleviate poverty, and jointly build a harmonious and beautiful home. Public welfare, charity, student aid, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, relief, donation, donation, charity, volunteers, volunteers, disaster relief, social responsibility, rescue, charity sale, orphans, patients, water conservation, energy conservation, green, pollution, ngo, grassroots ngo, saving, disposable chopsticks, Red Cross, One Foundation, Siyuan, environment, welfare, pandas, vagrancy, disability, earthquake, earthquake, snow disaster, drought, disaster, fund-raising, help, disaster areas, warmth, Wenchuan, Qingchuan, Yingxiu, Mianzhu, clothing, quilt, poverty, difficulties, social workers, AIDS, rescue, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, civil affairs, support education, love, protection, animals, welfare, volunteers, blood donation, love ambassadors, foundations, disaster relief, public service announcement

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