People who have good bowel movements are healthier! How many standards do you meet for three healthy bowel movements? - skin plumping treatments for wrinkle reduction

Eating, drinking, and sleeping are basic human needs, among which "pulling well" is a crucial health plumping treatments for wrinkle reductionDo you pull well?lifestyle changes for youthful skin01skin rejuvenation treatmentsAfter the formation of stool, the intestine will push it 2-3 times a day at a rate of 1-2 centimeters per minute to the left colon and store it in the sigmoid colon

Eating, drinking, and sleeping are basic human needs, among which "pulling well" is a crucial health indicator.

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Do you pull well?

lifestyle changes for youthful skin


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After the formation of stool, the intestine will push it 2-3 times a day at a rate of 1-2 centimeters per minute to the left colon and store it in the sigmoid colon.

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After waking up, due to postural reflex or gastrocolic reflex, the colon can cause overall peristalsis, advancing at a speed of 10 centimeters per hour, which may directly promote defecation.

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Therefore, waking up in the morning and within 2 hours after meals are the golden two hours for defecation!

So, people who regularly defecate during these two time periods tend to have better gastrointestinal digestion function.


Although it's disgusting, it's better to take a look back after pulling it out. The appearance of the stool can largely reflect your health.

Normal stool should be a banana like, brownish yellow semi solid, with other conditions similar to dryness, firmness, stickiness, and lack of shape, or the color of the stool becoming "colorful", all indicating that there may be gastrointestinal problems.

Especially when there are unexplained blood stains or black tarry shapes in the stool, it is important to be alert to gastrointestinal bleeding or tumors.


The optimal time for one bowel movement should not exceed 10 minutes, as prolonged bowel movements may indicate issues such as constipation.

If you sit for more than 30 minutes each time, it can also cause the anal pad to sag and form hemorrhoids.

Although that's the point, there's no need to force people who haven't developed the habit of getting up early and defecating.

It's best to defecate when you want to, otherwise it can easily cause harm.

What is constipation like when defecating?

Constipation is a difficult word to mention, but it is so common that we have to talk about it!

Generally speaking, for the same person, when defecation changes from once a day or every 2 days to more than 2 days or more, it should be considered constipation.

Of course, even if defecation can be guaranteed once a day, its appearance becomes as depicted in the picture, which can also be called constipation.

Everyone, take a look. Do you have any constipation problems?

How to make bowel movements smooth


The mouth determines the buttocks, and if you want to quickly pull them out, the dietary fiber in the food is particularly important.

Therefore, we should eat more fruits and vegetables, grains and miscellaneous grains in our daily diet. When cooking, it is best to replace half of the rice with coarse grains, bean Congee and potatoes.

In addition, drinking more water is also beneficial for promoting fecal softening.

Don't try using bananas anymore. They don't have much dietary fiber, and immature bananas contain tannic acid, which can worsen constipation. Not recommended!


Exercise not only makes the body healthier, but also helps bowel movement in the intestines. Regular exercise, taking a walk after meals, and practicing Tai Chi can all promote intestinal peristalsis.

In addition, simple preparation exercises can be performed before defecation, which can also alleviate constipation:

  • Anal lifting: While taking deep breaths, try to contract the buttocks muscles as much as possible, hold for a few seconds, and then relax multiple times;

  • Finger pinching: Use your index finger and thumb to pinch the base of your finger. If you feel any pain, pinch for a while to help produce bowel movements.


What are the usual bowel movements for everyone? Anyway, the editor knows two types, squatting and sitting.

Although sitting in a relaxed position, scientific research has shown that squatting to defecate is smoother than sitting to defecate.

The principle is simple: when sitting, the rectum will be restrained by a U-shaped muscle (as shown in the above picture), which will affect bowel movements.

If sitting at home, adding a small stool under your feet can achieve the same effect.


Regarding the issue of medication, people's attitudes have always been polarized. Some people with constipation need to take medication immediately, while others insist on the theory of "three types of drugs are toxic".

Actually, neither of these is good. Any constipation that can be improved by changing diet and exercise habits can be treated without taking medication.

If you really can't come out, don't try to hold on. You can use medication that promotes bowel movement under the guidance of a doctor, but avoid using irritating laxatives.

Defecation is a major event in life, don't ignore it!

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