111-year-old "Father of Chinese Nutrition" passed away: left behind 5 "health secrets" and collected them - reducing stress after workouts

replenishing electrolytes after workoutsonemonitoring sleep for recoveryOld age has its own way, but there is another way.post-workout hydration drinksone900two0oneoneoneoneonereducing stress after workoutsMr

replenishing electrolytes after workouts


monitoring sleep for recovery

Old age has its own way, but there is another way.

post-workout hydration drinks


reducing stress after workouts

Mr. Zheng Ji, who is proficient in both Chinese and Western studies and has written numerous works, is known as the "father of Chinese nutrition" and is renowned. He is also one of the pioneers of biochemistry in China and a leading figure.

stretching after workouts

At the age of 80, he splashed ink and wrote this poem in one fell swoop:

Happy to be old and healthy, yet without any signs of decadence;

If it were my year, I would still write another book

This can also be said to be a high level summary of his way of raising oneself.

Schopenhauer said that the biggest mistake humans can make is to exchange health for other external possessions.

Health is always the top priority when people are alive.

To live, one must have vitality and energy, a straight and upright posture, a calm gait, and a natural scenery.

Mr. Zheng Ji said that if I still have time, I still need to actively create and write books.

There is a saying that the day a person stops studying is the beginning of their true aging.

For Mr. Zheng Ji, creating is the greatest pleasure, and investing in it brings endless joy.


Old age brings joy, value and dedication.

When it comes to indulging in leisure and enjoying one's grandchildren, most people enjoy leisure and leisure.

Mr. Zheng Ji, on the other hand, remained steadfast in exploring his professional field and enjoyed it tirelessly.

Professor Zheng Ji said that one should never be too old to learn and create. The value and significance of life are fully reflected in dedication.

In the eyes of many people, in their later years, most people are in a state of old age, lethargy, no longer having any ambitions, and even feeling depressed and lonely.

In fact, in old age, people should pay more attention to the quality of life, live a fulfilling and happy life, live a fresh and interesting life, live a calm and calm life, which is often the secret of health and longevity.


This book became extremely popular as soon as it was released, topping the annual bestseller list, and fans flocked to it.

Nowadays, people's lives are improving day by day, and the pursuit of health, longevity, and a higher quality of life has been placed in an important position.

As is well known, doing what one likes is the happiest and happiest; Living the way you want is the most beautiful and happy.


With a sunny mindset and full of hope.

The topic of health and longevity has always been of great concern to people. When a super old birthday star appears, some people often say, 'Oh, that's because their family has strong genes, and ordinary people don't even think about it.'.

In fact, Mr. Zheng Ji's physical condition was particularly poor when he was young, and all the neighbors in the four townships knew that this child was a "medicine pot".

This matter made him feel even more painful.




It is worth mentioning that his innate "stubbornness" has never been lost, which is the confidence to overcome illness, the courage to overcome difficulties, and the power to wrestle with fate.

No one's life is always smooth sailing, always achieving what they want.

Diseases have made him cherish life even more, taught him to skillfully deal with them, and made him more intelligent and transparent.

In real life, many people's failures ultimately come down to themselves.

A little setback leads to self abandonment; How can one achieve a wonderful life with just a little blow and never recover?

The most precious thing in the world is life, because it only gives us once.

Although very ordinary, it is also a limited edition.

Be a great designer of your own destiny, unleash your intelligence, live a colorful life, and don't waste your life!


Keep learning and keep up with the times.

Wang Yangming said, 'Without determination, nothing can be achieved in the world.'.

In his youth, Mr. Zheng Ji set lofty ideals and aspired to do a magnificent career.

There is a sentence in his diary: "I want to be a fierce warrior who binds dragons, never a fisherman who touches small fish and shrimp

From herding cattle in mountain villages, to studying for a PhD in the United States, and then to being the founder of Chinese nutrition, he is proficient in both Chinese and Western studies, and has a wealth of peaches and plums all over the world

Great energy often arises from great goals.

So, establishing lofty ideals is also a good way to activate youth.


Mr. Zheng Ji loves learning, maintains a state of keeping up with the times, and has a fresh and interesting mind.

Mr. Zheng Ji believes that learning is also a form of health preservation.

At the age of seventy, he began to study classical literature, whether it was Tang poetry, Song poetry, Jin essays, Qin songs, or Yuan songs, he was full of interest and never tire of it.

Long term and extensive input, coupled with his own internalization and insights, have prepared a large amount of materials for his writing, making it easy and effortless for him to write like a god.

Writing is also a form of spiritual release, and emotional yoga is very beneficial for physical and mental health.


See through life and death, be positive and upward.

Professor Zheng Ji advocates that it is right to live happily, live happily, and live a long and healthy life.

Zhao Puchu said in "The Ballad of Relaxation": When the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets on the West Mountain, sorrow lasts for a day, and joy lasts for a day. Why can't we get along with ourselves?

Mr. Zheng Ji's masterpiece "The Debate between Life and Death" is brilliantly written: there is life and death, and life and death follow the natural law. Penggu has eight hundred autumns, and mayflies only appear day and night. Although there are different birthdays, their deaths are one. Crafted with clever arrangements, humans are powerless.

Life is just a process. Pursuing the end point is meaningless, living the process beautifully is the greatest wisdom.

To live towards death, one will see the sun through the clouds, without intricate ties or endless entanglements.

A person with a happy mood has a sunny heart;

A cheerful person lives with blooming flowers and warm spring!

If a person opens up and sees through, all troubles will disappear, and all pain will be instantly relieved.

Don't worry about the sky, don't blame yourself, don't sigh, don't pity yourself, be happy and happy in the present, can be called a little fairy in the world!

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