As the saying goes, 'If you don't close the door when you sleep at night, it's easy to lose your soul due to the decline of yang and short fortune.' Do you close the door when you sleep? - avoiding alcohol for digestive health

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There is an ancient saying that goes, 'When you sleep, you must close the door.'. According to legend, in ancient society, people generally believed that night was a time for various ghosts to appear and appear. In order to avoid external interference and protect the safety of their families, the ancients developed the habit of closing the door tightly before bedtime.

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A tightly closed door can block external uncertainty and give people a sense of security. This approach has to some extent increased the comfort of sleep.

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However, when we delve deeper into it, we will find that there is a deeper meaning hidden behind this custom.


Sleep is crucial to the human body, and high-quality sleep can make people work perfectly the next day. Otherwise, it is as inefficient as electronic devices with low battery levels. However, modern society is under great pressure, and many people's sleep quality is worrying.

So there are various sleep secrets circulating among the people, such as house layout, bedding selection, sleeping posture, and so on.

There is also a saying that goes, 'If you don't close the door when you sleep at night, it's easy for you to lose your soul if your yang declines and your blessings are short.'. As soon as this statement was made, there were various opinions and doubts about its authenticity.

In the common saying, "yang decline" refers to the loss of yang qi and the loss of vitality. 'Short fortune' means a decrease in fortune and a decrease in fortune. The most crucial aspect of 'losing one's soul' is that one's spirit is easily damaged, and in severe cases, one's soul may be shattered. The meaning is beyond doubt, and not closing the door does have a significant impact. Why is that so?

In fact, during sleep, people enter an extremely relaxed state and their ability to resist external interference weakens. Especially when the bedroom door is open, any external noise may disturb sleep, and even faint footsteps in the hallway are enough to wake up.The quality of sleep is impaired, and during the day, one may feel top-heavy and unable to concentrate, which can be imagined as the cause of "yang decline".

Not to mention unintentional interference outside the door, an open door may also expose the situation inside the bedroom and damage privacy. This is a huge mental pressure for anyone, and over time, there will be concerns of 'losing one's soul'. Moreover, there are safety hazards when the door is open, allowing thieves to take advantage of the situation and cause significant loss of life and property. Assuming that fortune is bound to go bad, there is naturally no way to talk about blessings.

Of course, some people have also proposed another view that opening the door before bedtime to ventilate is beneficial for sleep. Indeed, fresh air can help you sleep more sweetly, but just open a crack in the door and don't have to be completely open.Moreover, modern times often rely on central air conditioning, without the need for ventilation.

Sleeping without closing the door at night does have a significant impact. But it should not be unilaterally demonized, as long as attention is paid to ventilation and safety, avoiding external interference, and occasionally opening the door is harmless. The key lies in mastery, whether it's the door or sleep habits, too much is the most advisable.As long as you find balance, you can still have high-quality sleep without worrying about the loss of yang, happiness, and soul.

As the poet Qu Yuan once said: "In the future, when the time comes to wrap the bag and tie the rope, we will not admonish the past. Customs contain not a complete rejection of the outside world, but a cherishing of the inner spiritual world.

Contemporary society is stable and peaceful, with advanced technology, and people's lifestyles have undergone significant changes. The high-rise buildings in modern cities have become our new 'doors'. And mobile phones and the internet are connected to virtual "rooms". People can enter various digital spaces at any time to obtain information and communicate.

The seemingly free and open new life also makes people feel mentally 'homeless'. Contemporary people need to find a balance between tradition and modernity, enjoying the convenience of technological progress without losing their inner peace.

Perhaps the ancient motto of closing the door and sleeping still has practical significance today. We all need a space where we can feel the completeness of life without any distractions. This is also the enduring wisdom inherent in traditional customs.

The customs of the past may seem completely different from today's life, but the door to our hearts still requires constant attention. Only by finding one's own peaceful space can one have a peaceful and stable mind in this ever-changing world.


The ancients believed that people have "three souls and seven souls". During the day, when yang is abundant, our soul dominates the body, responsible for thinking and acting. When the sun sets, the yang energy dissipates, and the soul enters a resting state, while the soul begins to work, responsible for unconscious life activities such as breathing and blood flow.

Based on this, the ancients intelligently proposed that 'the door should be closed when sleeping at night', as this can create a safe and comfortable environment for the soul. In a closed space, the soul can concentrate on completing night work without being disturbed by the outside world. If the soul is frightened or damaged, the health of the body will be affected.

And in modern society, do we still need to follow the sleep advice of the ancients?

In fact, the significance of closing the door for sleep still exists.

Modern science confirms that humans enter the REM and non REM phases during sleep.

During the REM phase, the brain is active and dreaming often occurs during this stage.

During the non REM period, physical function decreases, and a quiet and undisturbed environment is even more needed. A tightly closed door can greatly reduce external noise, allowing our body and mind to relax and enter deep sleep.

For modern people, simply closing the door may not be enough to create a perfect sleeping environment.

We also need to pay attention to choosing comfortable mattresses, avoiding excessive use of electronic products before bedtime, adjusting work and life pressures, and so on. At the same time, utilizing technological means such as soundproof doors and windows, adjustable temperature air conditioning, and sleep monitoring equipment can also help us optimize sleep quality from a hardware level.

The ancient wisdom of closing the door and sleeping should be combined with modern science to develop a systematic solution.

The ancient people summarized based on their life experience that 'when sleeping at night, the door should be closed.' Today, we scientifically verify the rationality of this sleep rule and continuously improve it on the existing basis, so that closing the door is no longer just an action, but a guarantee of our children's health and abundant energy.


The wheels of history are advancing rapidly, and the flowers of technology are blooming brightly. However, some things are timeless and cannot be changed by the tide of the times. We all live in our own bodies, and sleep, diet, and thought form the cornerstone of our lives. Among these three, sleep is particularly important.

Although modern life has brought great convenience, we live in houses with excellent environments and tight doors and windows, and some families even have fully automatic fresh air systems installed.The various problems caused by frequent opening and closing of doors and windows in the past are no longer the key concerns for us, but this does not mean that our sleep is perfect. More often than not, the reason for difficulty falling asleep is due to inner turmoil and pressure, rather than external environment.

Sleep is crucial for everyone. It is the source of our spiritual vitality and the guarantee of our physical and mental health. So how do you get high-quality sleep?

This requires skill and is also an art. Opening or closing the door is not really important, the key is to learn to soothe our hearts, find ways to relax in busy life, and stay calm in the face of pressure.

A ship needs stable anchors, and we also need an environment where we can rest with peace of mind. Whether you open or close the door, as long as you can find peace in your heart, it is your harbor. If life is a song, then sleep is the most beautiful chord, regulating the rhythm of life and giving us a better state to face the challenges of life.

However, despite the importance of sleep, the quality of sleep in modern people continues to decline. According to a survey, in recent years, the average sleep time of adults has decreased by more than one hour per night. There are many reasons for this: increased work pressure, extended leisure time, addiction to "browsing social media" Various factors make it increasingly difficult for us to enter deep sleep.

Moreover, in order to catch up with work, some people have been working day and night for a long time, reversing their schedules. This not only seriously damages the regulation of bodily functions, but also causes psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. National insomnia has become a serious social problem.

Of course, modern people are also reflecting and changing. The company has started implementing a "sleep friendly" work system, encouraging employees to ensure sufficient sleep.

Some people who know how to enjoy life choose to have their phones disconnected on weekends and refuse to be forcibly occupied by work and entertainment in their private time. More and more people are paying attention to sleep hygiene and helping themselves relax through methods such as yoga and hot springs.

Sleep is like a poem in our lives that needs to be treated with care. Slow down the pace of life, pay attention to inner needs, and find our own way to sleep, so that we can wake up every morning and welcome a new day with a new spirit.



At first, our ancestors only built simple shelters with branches to shelter themselves from the wind and rain. Later, with the formation of families, wooden doors emerged.

The thick wooden door not only blocks the harsh cold wind from the outside, but also provides privacy and security for this newborn family.

In ancient Egypt, the significance of doors began to transcend their functions, and the majestic stone lions and boulders at the entrance of pyramid temples were demonstrating the supreme power of the pharaoh.


Time flies, and the Middle Ages have arrived.

The originally simple and rustic wooden door now wears sturdy and magnificent armor. The solemn stone arch in front of the church and palace cannot help but sigh, and the door also has a "status".

However, the glorious years of wooden doors have not yet come to an end.


Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. The Industrial Revolution gradually lost favor with handicraft doors - lightweight and durable iron doors adapted to new production and daily needs.

The world has turned upside down, a hundred years have passed.

Nowadays, doors are no longer the perfect balance between function and decoration.

Avant-garde designers have made bold and innovative glass and steel doors the "soul" of architecture.

At the same time, high-tech products such as intelligent door locks have also raised more new demands for doors among modern people.


Looking back at history, it is not difficult to find that the changes of doors have distinct historical imprints.

Doors are not just channels for entry and exit, but also windows that witness history and connect time.

No matter how the form changes, the functional significance of doors has never changed - connecting the inside and outside of the room, connecting you and me.

Perhaps it will take several centuries or even decades before we can once again create masterpieces like pyramid gates; But one day in the future, when humans stand in front of the cabin door of the space castle and look back on the long journey, they may discover that the starting point of all this is the simple ancient wooden doors.

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