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Site Description: Xi'an Conservatory of Music was founded in 1949, with its predecessor being the "Music Department of Northwest Art School" established by Marshal He Long in the Jinsui Border Region in 1948. In May of the following year, the school crossed the Yellow River with the army and moved to Xi'an, named as the "Music Department of Northwest Military and Political University Art School"; In 1950, it was renamed as the "Music Department of Northwest Art College"; In 1953, it was adjusted to the "Music Department of Northwest Art College" (with the addition of a three-year affiliated secondary art school); In 1956, two departments of music and art were established, and the music department was rebuilt as the "Xi'an Music College"; In 1960, Xi'an Conservatory of Music was established. In 1980, with the approval of the State Council, the establishment of the "Xi'an Conservatory of Music" was restored, making it the only higher music institution in the northwest region. The current Party Secretary Anning and President Zhao Jiping.

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