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Site Description: China Post. com is a professional portal website that utilizes the internet to provide news, information consulting, and technical services for postal industry professionals, all those who care about postal services, and postal users. China Post Network was founded by the Scientific Research and Planning Institute of the National Postal Administration, and the authoritative news organization of the national postal service - the National Postal News Promotion Center - provides technical maintenance and information updates. It relies on the powerful print media platform of China Post Newspaper's "one newspaper, one publication, one CD", and utilizes a network of journalists throughout the domestic and foreign postal industry to provide timely, comprehensive, and authoritative postal news and information services. It is an important window to understand the latest developments in the domestic and foreign postal industry. Information consultation is one of the core services of China Post Network. China Post Network will rely on the support of government regulatory departments, postal research institutes, universities, and postal information technology bureaus to integrate information resources, build information databases, conduct professional investigations, and provide practical, comprehensive, and personalized information consulting services. China Post Network will utilize internet application technology to devote itself to the construction of various websites, office automation systems, and local area networks, serving the informatization construction of the social economy. China Post Network is a bridge and link connecting postal administrative departments, postal operators, product manufacturers, and consumers. It is a platform for information exchange among various professional departments in the postal industry and a website for postal personnel themselves.

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