• Yizheng Financial Information Network

    Yibond Financial Information Network provides the latest query on the exchange rate and trend of RMB against foreign currencies. For example, the exchange rate between the Chinese yuan and the US dollar, the Chinese yuan and the euro, the Chinese yuan and the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan and the Korean won, and the Chinese yuan and the Hong Kong dollar. Follow the latest financial developments.

  • Foreign Exchange Connect: China Foreign Exchange Online Service Foreign Exchange Settlement and Purchase Foreign Exchange Deposit Loan Foreign Exchange Wealth Management Stirring Foreign Exchange

    China Foreign Exchange Online Service Foreign Exchange Settlement and Purchase Foreign Exchange Deposit Loan Foreign Exchange Wealth Management Foreign Exchange speculation

  • PICCP&C People's Insurance Company of China Limited

    PICC P&C, abbreviated as "PICC Property and Casualty Insurance", is the largest non life insurance company in mainland China, established in July 2003 with the consent of the State Council and the approval of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Its registered capital is 11141.8 billion yuan. Its predecessor was the People's Insurance Company of China, established on October 20, 1949 with the approval of the Finance and Economics Committee of the State Council of the People's Bank of China. PICC Property and Casualty Insurance is a flagship business under the People's Insurance Corporation of China (PICC), enjoying a prominent reputation in the domestic and international interbank markets. On November 6, 2003, the company was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the "first share" of a large state-owned financial enterprise listed overseas in mainland China. With its comprehensive strength, the company has successively become an insurance partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, providing comprehensive insurance protection services for the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo. On June 26, 2008, Moody's, an international authoritative rating agency, awarded the company the highest credit rating of A1 for mainland Chinese enterprises.

  • Insurance Channel - Financial Industry

    The financial insurance channel provides you with insurance information, insurance reviews, company news, social security zones, new product faxes, product reviews, insurance companies, insurance wealth management, regulatory updates, insurance cases, insurance columns, insurance topics, and other insurance related content.

  • China Insurance Regulatory Commission

    Introduce basic insurance knowledge and financial management methods to the public, assist the insurance industry in strengthening integrity construction, and promote policy popularization. Guidelines for handling affairs: In order to facilitate the public or institutions to handle affairs with the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, many convenient guidelines have been formulated. For example, the location of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission building and bus routes, the location of administrative permit acceptance and issuance, instructions for petitioners, and guidelines for disciplinary inspection and supervision reporting. Chairman's mailbox: Responsible for handling relevant inquiries and suggestions from the public within the scope of the functions of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Users are required to submit complete information according to the form and remember the assigned message number for future reference.

  • China Insurance Network - The earliest and most authoritative insurance portal website in China that provides comprehensive services to the people

    China Insurance (www.china-insurance.com) is the earliest and most authoritative insurance portal in China, co sponsored by the Insurance Society of China. Based on providing insurance professionals with insurance knowledge updates, insurance communication, insurance information sharing, etc., we provide insurance professional services for insurance consumers. The business scope of China Insurance Network covers: information exchange in the insurance industry, insurance e-commerce services, enterprise and product risk management consulting services, industry database system services, internet services, risk management and insurance consulting services in other industries.

  • AIA Insurance

    AIA is a leading life insurance company in the Pan Asian region, serving the entire Asia Pacific region for 90 years. AIA provides customers and businesses with products and services such as life insurance, retirement plans, health accident insurance, and wealth management. Each branch of AIA China is a member company of the AIA Group. AIA's development in Chinese Mainland began in 1992, and in the same year, it set up a branch in Shanghai, which was the first foreign-funded insurance company licensed to operate insurance business in China that year. At present, AIA's business scope in Chinese Mainland has expanded to Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. As the first insurance company to introduce the salesperson system into China, AIA has established a professional team of insurance marketers and provides customers with a range of life insurance, personal accident insurance, and medical insurance products through diversified sales channels.

  • Welcome to the website of Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd

    Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in August 1996 and is a large national insurance company headquartered in Beijing. As of the first half of 2009, Xinhua Insurance has more than 1200 branches and marketing service departments at all levels across the country, with over 270000 internal and external employees. The product system we operate covers traditional guarantee products, dividend products, and universal and investment linked products with strong financial functions. For many years, Xinhua Insurance has remained at the forefront of the national life insurance market, providing comprehensive risk protection and investment and wealth management services to tens of millions of customers with strong strength and service capabilities. At present, Xinhua Insurance is actively building a comprehensive service platform, which will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality risk protection and investment and wealth management services in a broader field.

  • Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. - Life Insurance, Online Insurance, Insurance Services, Taikang Online

    Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a national, joint-stock life insurance company approved by the head office of the People's Bank of China on August 22, 1996, with its headquarters located in Beijing. In November 2000, Taikang Life Insurance fully completed the foreign equity offering work approved by the State Council and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. At present, Taikang Life Insurance has a total of 19 shareholders, including well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises such as China Foreign Trade and Transportation (Group) Corporation, Wumart Holdings Group Co., Ltd., China Jiade International Auction Co., Ltd., Swiss Fengtai Life Insurance Company, and Xinzheng Taida Investment Co., Ltd.

  • CPIC - China Pacific Insurance

    China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. has both China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd., which specializes in property insurance business, and China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd., which specializes in life insurance business in China. In order to provide faster, more convenient, and thoughtful services to all sectors of society, the company has applied to the Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China for a nationwide unified industry and life insurance service hotline of 95500. It has been officially opened in 66 cities nationwide since November 30, 2000. Opening the 95500 national customer service hotline is an important measure taken by China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. to effectively practice the core values of "integrity, stability, and pursuit of excellence", continuously improve the company's various insurance service levels, and meet the different insurance needs of each customer.

  • Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. of China - Insurance, Banking, Investment

    Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. of China is the first comprehensive financial service group in China that focuses on insurance and integrates diverse financial services such as securities, trust, banking, asset management, and enterprise annuity.