• National School of Administration

    The National College of Administration of the People's Republic of China was established in the new situation of reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction, in accordance with the needs of the construction of the civil service system, by the first session of the Seventh National People's Congress. The establishment began in 1988 and was officially established in 1994. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the construction and development of the National School of Administration. Comrade Hu Jintao has repeatedly given important instructions to the college and personally met with important foreign guests visiting the college. Comrade Jiang Zemin wrote the motto of "Always Be a Public Servant of the People" for the college in the early days of its establishment. In August 2008, Comrade Wen Jiabao issued an important directive: the National School of Administration should adhere to high standards, strict requirements, more prominent characteristics, and create an internationally first-class administrative college.