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    China Education News Network is an online media agency directly under the Ministry of Education, under the supervision of China Education Newspapers and Periodicals. Established in 2000, it includes institutional settings, educational news, policies and regulations, bulletin announcements, administrative approvals, project guidelines, enrollment exams, literature materials, online services, education Q&A. China's professional comprehensive education news portal mainly publishes authoritative recruitment, enrollment, employment, recruitment, review, and tutoring information on college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, self-study examination, adult college entrance examination, teacher recruitment, employment, and study abroad. It also has columns such as campus, blog, foreign language, civil servant, in-service master's degree, private school, and shopping mall. It provides tutorship for college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, high school entrance examination, self-taught examination, adult entrance examination, Civil service examination, CET-4 and CET-6, various English examinations, judicial examinations, accounting examinations and other examinations, and has campus, foreign languages, psychology, educational videos, educational blogs, educational forums, and educational shelves

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