• Central Radio and Television University

    Central Radio and Television University (referred to as "Central Radio and Television University") is a new type of higher education institution directly under the Ministry of Education, utilizing various media such as radio, television, text textbooks, audio-visual textbooks, computer courseware, and the internet to carry out distance open education nationwide. The preparation began in February 1978 and the school officially began on February 6, 1979.

  • Communication University of China

    Communication University of China is a key national "211 Project" construction university directly under the Ministry of Education. Its predecessor was the Technical Personnel Training Course of the Central Broadcasting Bureau, founded in 1954. In April 1959, with the approval of the State Council, the school was upgraded to Beijing Broadcasting College. In August 2004, Beijing Broadcasting University was renamed as China Communication University. The school is located on the banks of the Guyun River in the east of Beijing, China. The campus covers an area of 464000 square meters, with a total construction area of 424000 square meters.

  • Hebei Media College

    Hebei Media University is an application-oriented full-time regular higher education undergraduate institution with distinct media art characteristics and compatibility with humanities, science, engineering, and management. It is the third undergraduate media university in China, following Communication University of China and Zhejiang University of Communication. The national standard code registered by the Ministry of Education is 12784.

  • Chongqing Media Vocational College

    Chongqing Media Vocational College (formerly Chongqing Guangcai Vocational and Technical College) is a full-time ordinary university approved by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government and registered with the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education code: 12756). Unified enrollment within the national plan. The college is located in Tongliang Education and Technology Park, Chongqing. Tongliang is located within the Third Ring Road of Chongqing's main urban area, and is the core diffusion area of Chongqing's "half hour economic circle". It is an important industrial hub for Chongqing's planning and development, and a transportation hub between Sichuan and Chongqing. It is only half an hour away from Chongqing, making transportation and living convenient.

  • Home page of Communication University of China, Nanguang College

    Communication University of China (CUC) Nanguang College is a four-year, undergraduate level independent college established by CUC with the approval of the Ministry of Education to expand its brand advantages, fully utilize the school's high-quality educational resources, and meet the growing demand for higher information communication talents. The college is located in the ancient capital of Nanjing, which is known for its graceful and graceful appearance. It was founded in June 2004 and held a unveiling ceremony and the first freshman opening ceremony on September 16, 2004.

  • Hunan Radio and Television University

    Hunan Radio and Television University is an open modern distance education higher education institution, and its affiliated branch is a directly affiliated educational unit of the provincial school, responsible for the management of open education and adult education at the provincial school headquarters. It is a pilot school approved by the Ministry of Education for the "Central Radio and Television University Talent Training Model Reform and Open Education Pilot" project. Currently, it has 10 undergraduate majors and 15 specialized majors in open education.

  • Hunan Vocational and Technical College of Mass Media

    Hunan University of Mass Media, the first public media institution in the country to have a "front desk and backyard"

  • Zhejiang Media College

    Zhejiang Media College is a higher education institution jointly established and managed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province to cultivate talents in radio, film, and other media. Currently, it is one of the two main bases for cultivating specialized talents in radio, film, and other media in the country, known as "Beijing Guangzhou in the north and Zhejiang Guangzhou in the south". Since its establishment, the school has provided a large number of professional talents for central and local television stations, radio stations, and social film and television production units in various provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, as well as for city and county-level television stations, radio stations, and social film and television production units.