Scrape your ears to relieve fatigue and help you sleep well! What exactly are these "three treasures for reducing blood sugar" - medication management for diabetes

November 14 is the United Nations diabetes Day. Now people have more and more rich diets, and the incidence rate of diabetes is also increasing

November 14 is the United Nations diabetes Day. Now people have more and more rich diets, and the incidence rate of diabetes is also increasing. In addition to the disease itself, the prevention and treatment of diabetes complications is also the focus of treatment, such as insomnia, skin itching, constipation, dizziness, hand numbness, etc. These problems may not seem fatal, but once they occur, they will seriously affect the quality of life of diabetes patients. The reporter learned from Jiangsu Province Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital that the traditional Chinese medicine specialty therapy "Three Treasures for Reducing Blood Sugar" (Ear Holographic Copper Bian Scraping, Kidney Benefiting Cream, and Sugar Reducing Patch) in the endocrine department outpatient department of the hospital is highly welcomed by sugar enthusiasts, and many patients come to experience it.

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The Endocrine Department of Jiangsu Province Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital held a free clinic activity with the theme of "Combining Chinese and Western Medicine to Care for, Knowing Yourself and the Other, and Fighting thirst"

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Ear scraping, tonifying deficiency, dispelling fatigue, and helping to sleep well

medication management for diabetes

"Hello, doctor! When I saw facial neuritis a month ago, I found that the blood sugar was on the high side. I learned from other places that there is a diabetes reversal clinic here, so I came to see it today!" Recently, Mr. Li, 33, came to the diabetes reversal clinic for "blood sugar rose for a month".

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After a detailed inquiry by Professor Liu Chao, he learned that Mr. Li always suffers from insomnia, dry mouth, and drinking water is of no use. His legs often feel numb and numb! After completing relevant examinations, Mr. Li was definitely diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. On the basis of standardized treatment of diabetes, he gave ear holographic copper needle scraping, traditional Chinese medicine foot bath and other external treatment of Chinese medicine for its symptoms.

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Ear Holographic Copper Needle Scraping

Ear Holographic Copper Needle Scraping52-36Ear Holographic Copper Needle Scraping

Yi Shen Gao

Cream and massage "press once" to strengthen the "kidney", strengthen the body, and clear the meridians

50Yi Shen Gao

"The so-called external treatment is generally to make a paste made of Chinese medicine and apply it to the affected area, with some massage techniques to make the local skin warm and promote drug absorption, which can play the role of supplementing qi, nourishing yin, warming the meridians, nourishing the liver and kidney, and has a definite effect on diabetes patients with waist and knee tenderness and cold phobia." Li Doudou, the deputy chief nurse, told reporters that Mr. Chen usually does it once a week. After three times of Chinese medicine cream treatment, Uncle Chen's waist The symptoms of chills at the joints have significantly alleviated.

Hypoglycemic patch

Acupoint "sticking", nourishing yin, clearing heat, and lowering blood sugar

Hypoglycemic patch10-11880

Hypoglycemic patch

Hypoglycemic patchHypoglycemic patch

Correspondent Yin Shuyue, Luo Xin, Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Wang Menghang

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