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Hello everyone, I am Dr. Guo

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Guo. If these three signs appear on your feet, be sure to take them seriously as they may be a distress signal from your liver!

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Firstly, the soles of the feet are dry and waxy yellow.

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In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the normal color of the soles of the feet should be a rosy color. If your soles are waxy yellow and dry, this situation is not only for older people such as the elderly. There is also a situation where the metabolic function of the liver is reduced, leading to the inability of the human body to receive nutrients in a timely manner. This may cause dryness, peeling, and cracking of the soles of the feet. In addition, due to the inability of the liver to metabolize toxins in the body, it may also be accompanied by conditions such as sallow soles, dull complexion, and yellowing.

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Next, the pattern on the soles of both feet increases.

Most people should not be too concerned about the situation where there are many patterns on the soles of their feet. But in fact, it can reflect whether the foot has sufficient blood supply and whether the liver is damaged. Because in traditional Chinese medicine theory, the liver stores blood, generates blood, nourishes the human body, and the feet are at the end of the blood circulation. Therefore, once liver blood is insufficient, the feet are often most susceptible to being affected, resulting in an increase and deepening of foot palmprint.

Finally, there is frequent numbness in the toes.

If you often feel numbness in your toes, and there are often needle pricks, stings, or no sensation of touch. So much consideration needs to be given to liver function, which can cause obstruction of qi and blood and prevent blood supply to the feet. This is also the main reason why frequent numbness in the toes may occur.

If these three signs appear on your feet, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a liver examination in a timely manner to avoid delaying the condition. See you next time!

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