As one gets older, the blessing in one's life is to sleep well - mental clarity and focus exercises

As for people, every sleep and waking up is this life, and every sleep and waking up is the next life.mental clarity and energyIt's uncertain how many days are left in the rest of your life, and don't keep nagging, so as not to worry too much

As for people, every sleep and waking up is this life, and every sleep and waking up is the next life.

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It's uncertain how many days are left in the rest of your life, and don't keep nagging, so as not to worry too much.

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Zhuangzi said, "Work at sunrise, rest at sunset, and be at ease between heaven and earth, yet have a contented mind

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When you and I get old, the blessings in our lives are peaceful days, good food and drink, and reliable sleep.

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mental clarity and focus exercises


Early to bed and early to rise, daily self-discipline.

Author Xiao Zhenhua wrote in the article that when he was young, he really dared not sleep well. I'm afraid of being late and missing something.

The alarm clock always looks on, or puts on a timed radio to "wake up" oneself.

After retirement, he canceled his alarm clock and could lazily sleep and wake up at any time.

But he quickly realized that it was good to wake up naturally after sleeping, but people quickly become decadent as a result. Brushing my phone uncontrollably at night, watching ball games; Life may still be spent upside down.

Suddenly saw what Zeng Guofan saidRise at dawn, never fall in love with the bed

Take a look at those lively old ladies and old men again, and discover the tricks of living.

Get up early every day, exercise, take a walk, and buy groceries. Even if you don't do anything, get up and take a look at the scenery outside the window and listen to the sound of the wind passing by.

The phrase 'the early bird catches the worm' is not only suitable for young people to make money, but also for elderly people to exercise.

The quickest way to abolish an elderly person is to "be idle, always idle".

To become an elderly person, one must be busy, combine movement and stillness, and be busy but not chaotic.

Being able to wake up early is the perseverance in life and the love for life; Rest early, this is love for the body and respect for the night.

In order to fall asleep well, writers have also developed the habit of reading and taking notes. At night, record your notes and play them repeatedly to help you fall asleep. When I woke up, I had the feeling of 'waking up without remembering the drunken book'.

Don't forget, as we get older, the days continue and there is no way to stop. If you live irregularly, it will waste your time and cause your days to be misaligned.

Think about it, how painful is it for the elderly to live a life of chaos and chaos?

Think about it again, after the elderly person has risen to three strokes of the sun and has not yet woken up, will the neighbors think of the three words' something unexpected '? If there are kind-hearted people who break into the door and visit the elderly, it would be awkward.

The blessings of the elderly are all about self-discipline. The more self-discipline, the more brilliant.


Husband and wife embrace each other, and life has its own temperature.

Cartoonist Zhu Deyong said, "People are not willing to be lonely. After they get married, they are willing to be lonely

Yes, too many couples spend their honeymoon with great enthusiasm at the beginning of their marriage, and hugging becomes a matter of anytime and anywhere.

I don't know from which day on, the couple became indifferent and slept separately, each with a blanket. As the name suggests, plain and light is love.

Husband and wife sit together, but you feel lonely. There is even a feeling of wanting to escape. This is the sentiment of many middle-aged people.

If you are very old, have not yet understood the relationship between husband and wife, or even have a cold war, then your happiness will be halved in your later years.

Bi Shumin said, "People often experience danger and unease in happiness, probably because happiness is a relatively unfamiliar feeling, and people will be very lonely

Marriage has a sense of crisis, and happiness begins to be lost. In a family with a few people, there is nowhere to put oneself.

Therefore, blessed elderly people will devote themselves to managing their marriage in their later years, never giving up on life or death.

The phrase 'young couples come and stay together' is not only the law of marital development, but also the practice of vows and the wisdom of elderly care.

In the morning, someone will test your breathing and verify that you are still alive; In the morning, going shopping together, walking long distances, and taking the bus are all romantic, such as sitting in a wedding car; In the evening, go watch the sunset and dance under a hint of sunset, feeling the flow of time; At night, embracing each other and falling asleep, even dreaming feels like a waste of time.

At home, there are also people who help you scratch and mock your wrinkled face, as well as the red rouge powder, but after laughing, they don't give up.

No matter what posture you use to sleep, as long as your hands, feet, face, hair, etc. are connected to your loved one, it's very satisfying.


Sleep peacefully, and your family is thriving.

Many families have this habit at night: parents greet their children from afar, see what they are doing on this day, and have they had a pleasant time.

The child has grown up, worked, and is very busy during the day, and the parents cannot bear to disturb. At night, after work, making a phone call is an endless worry.

When children arrive at night, call their parents or use WeChat videos. Look at what parents are doing and whether they are nagging.

On weekends, we can also gather with our children.

Especially in families with left behind elderly people and children, it is normal for children to contact their parents and children every day. If you don't get in touch, you will definitely feel flustered.

Having gone to bed early and sleeping soundly is a blessing.

Being trembling at night, worried about their children's lives, and awakened by illness is a sign of family difficulties.

Young people seek employment and make quick decisions, fearing that they may have nightmares and change their mind; The elderly are not afraid of work, long nights, and dreams, and their hearts are chaotic and disorganized.

During the day, there is no fear of harm, and at night, there is no fear of ghosts knocking on the door. Sleeping peacefully means that one day is happy and the next day is hopeful.

We are old, but our family has always been young, continuing. As long as the family develops steadily, there is nothing that cannot sleep.


The realm of sleep is countless, like a state of life.

After spending most of my life, isn't it just for the sake of enjoying happiness in old age? Kick out yesterday's troubles, invite in tonight's scenery, plan tomorrow's day well, and the couple will come.

No one was startled by the wild birds, and the fragrance of grass was fresh when sleeping.

Having nothing to do, I watched the starry sky fall in the pond, felt a wisp of autumn wind blowing, fell asleep in the world of flowers, birds, insects, and fish. When I woke up, the grass also bloomed, with a faint fragrance.

Never be in a state of constant anxiety, nor argue with those around you.

The so-called blessing is not lying in a beautiful quilt or resting on a pillow of gold, but being busy with pleasure and leisure with sound and color. On every day, lie down quietly, breathe evenly, turn around gently, and someone helps you pull the corner.

Wake up, the moon sets and the sun rises; Sleeping down is like the moon rising and the sun setting, so repeatedly.

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Follow my words and enter your heart.

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