A little known traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations is an excellent medicine for gout - avoiding allergens for men's wellness

Gout is a headache for many people. This disease caused by dampness and heat has been explored and understood by our ancestors for a long time

Gout is a headache for many people. This disease caused by dampness and heat has been explored and understood by our ancestors for a long time. Do you know that traditional Chinese medicine refers to this symptom as "damp hot foot paralysis". It may sound unfamiliar, but in reality, it's just modern gout.

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Gout, whether in traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, is an old term. The ancient book "Ming Medicine Treasure Book" states: "Commonly known as' gout ', the ancients referred to it as' rheumatic paralysis'. The name has changed, but the cause is always closely related to dampness and heat.

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For gout, traditional Chinese medicine interprets it as dampness and heat causing disease, blocking joints, and leading to seizures. This damp heat is most commonly accumulated in the feet because it is like water, accustomed to flowing downwards.

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Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine advocates dispelling dampness and clearing heat. Si Miao Wan is such a good medicine for dispelling dampness and clearing heat. It actually has a "brother" named Ermiaowan, who is a good hand at treating skin diseases. Later on, people incorporated Ox Knee and Coix Seed into it, becoming the well-known Four Wonderful Pills.

Let me give you a detailed explanation of the mysteries of these four herbs, Simiao Wan.

The first to bear the brunt of Cangshu is that it is a good dehumidifier. Not only can it help the body expel excess water, but it also benefits the spleen and stomach. But its assistance to the spleen and stomach is not as direct as that of Atractylodes macrocephala.

Then there is the Huangbai, which is a "cool" guy. It can cool blood and clear heat, and is particularly suitable for diseases with excessive heat. Huangbai also has a small skill, which is to consolidate yin. Excessive heat in the body can easily damage the yin fluid, and Huangbai can lock in these yin fluids to prevent heat evil from harming people.

What I like the most is still the coix seed. Although it is a grain, its efficacy is quite powerful, especially for gout patients. In the Pharmacopoeia, it is recorded that "Coix seed is mainly used for treating rheumatism and beriberi." The beriberi mentioned here is exactly what modern times refer to as gout.

Ox knee is the seasoning in this stew. It can help the drug better reach the patient's site. For gout patients, the effect of Simiao Pill is better with Ox Knee.

However, using the Four Wonderful Pills also depends on the patient's tongue coating. Yellow and greasy ones are suitable, while white greasy ones should be changed. However, for friends with white and greasy tongue coating, I have another recommendation, which is Wuling Capsules.

Upon seeing this, you may think that ancient Chinese medicine was truly magical. The miraculous formula of Simiao Wan is truly a sedimentation of time. In fact, this is just one of the many ways. For gout, traditional Chinese medicine has countless methods and prescriptions waiting for us to explore.

Finally, I want to tell you a small secret: Although the Four Wonderful Pills are good, they are not suitable for everyone. Everyone's physical condition is different, so it is important to be careful when choosing medication. The best way is to apply the medicine to the case with the advice of a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.

The Four Wonderful Pills are not the only option for treating gout, but they are indeed a magical choice. For those of you who want to try traditional Chinese medicine treatment, this is a good prescription worth trying.

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