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Site Description: Yangzhou University is a key comprehensive university in Jiangsu Province and the first university in China to run a school by merger. In 1992, Yangzhou Normal University, Jiangsu Agricultural University, Yangzhou Institute of Technology, Yangzhou Medical College, Jiangsu Water Conservancy Engineering College, Jiangsu Commercial College and other six universities merged to form Yangzhou University. The history of Yangzhou University can be traced back to the establishment of Tongzhou Normal School and Tonghai Agricultural School in 1902 by the famous modern industrialist and educator Mr. Zhang Jian (later becoming a part of Nantong College). The former Jiangsu Agricultural College and Yangzhou Normal College developed on the basis of the Agricultural Science of Nantong College and the Cultural and Historical Science of Tongzhou Normal School. The other four universities participating in the merger also have a history of over 50 years of independent education.

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