• As the rural saying goes, 'Don't be greedy for the three watch colors, don't love the one watch food.' Why can't the three watch colors be used? - men's health personalized plans

    reducing alcohol for mens healthBefore reading this article, could you please click on 'Follow'? It not only facilitates your discussion and sharing, but also brings you a different sense of participation. Thank you for your support!strength training for men's wellnesshydration for men's healthLooking at the present daymen's health personalized plansEditor | Looking at Todaymale wellness lifestyle changesAs the saying goes:Don't be greedy for three different colors, don't love one more food,This is a health preserving formula that has been passed down from ancient times, which reminds people of the common saying nowadays, "Eat good breakfast, have full lunch, and eat less dinner?Not in love with one more foodIn ancient times, 'one watch' refers to the time period around 7-9 pm, when people had dinner early and basically fell asleep after dark