Daily Traditional Chinese Medicine - Mulberry Fruit - tightening serums for daily use

Mulberries are the mature fruit ears of deciduous trees in the mulberry family. Produced in most regions of the country

Mulberries are the mature fruit ears of deciduous trees in the mulberry family. Produced in most regions of the country. Harvest the fruits in the summer when they are nearing maturity, dry them in the sun, and use them raw or with honey and ointment.

tightening serums for daily use

Prescription Name

tightening serums for daily use

Mulberries, mulberries, black mulberries.

essential oils for skin elasticity

[Nature, Taste, and Meridian]

daily vitamins for skin health

Sweet, cold. Guixin, liver, and kidney meridians.

firming creams for daily use

This taste has a sweet and cold nature, a gentle medicinal properties, and a soft and moist texture. It is a product that can nourish the liver and kidney yin and blood, and can also nourish the intestines and relieve constipation.

1. Nourishing Yin and Tonifying Blood: Used for symptoms such as dizziness, dark eyes, tinnitus, insomnia, and early whitening of hair due to yin deficiency and blood deficiency. It can be taken as a honey pill with boiled cream or ground powder alone, or equivalent to Polygonum multiflorum, Ligustrum lucidum, and Eclipta chinensis. Used to treat thirst or relieve thirst, often equivalent to Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Rehmanniae, and Trichosanthes.

2. Runchang laxative: used for intestinal dryness and constipation caused by yin deficiency and blood deficiency, and can be used in combination with raw Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame, and fire sesame seeds.

Dosage and Usage

10-15 grams, fried. Or 15-30 grams of single flavor. Take the ointment orally.

[Attention for Use]

Those with spleen deficiency and loose stools should not take it.

[Reference Materials]

New Materia Medica: "Eating alone is the main way to quench thirst

Diannan Materia Medica ":" Benefiting the kidneys and consolidating the essence, long-term consumption of black hair and bright eyes

The Diet Manual of Sui Xi Ju: "Nourishing the liver and kidney, replenishing blood, detoxifying alcohol, dispelling wind and dampness... Walking briskly, calming deficiency wind, and clearing deficiency fire

(Content excerpted from the textbook "Traditional Chinese Medicine" edited by Yang Yongliang)

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